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MW: Magic in the Queen City

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MW: Magic in the Queen City

Sunday, May 21, 2017

CEBU. JV Tagaan performs one of his specialization - levitating a crumpled piece of tissue. (Samuel Carlve Saberon)

WE ALL had mesmerizing experiences of magic since we were kids.

And that feeling of amusement and awe often times stick to our system growing up, may it be in a simple coin trick our Dad used to do, a disappearing card we saw in the streets from a random mysterious magician or a classic pull a bunny out of a hat kind of trick. Either way we all got mystified by the whole illusion and we need it every once in a while.

Magic, one of the oldest performing art, is growing in the city thanks to dedicated magicians like Magic Window (MW), a Cebu-based team of performers dedicated to the art of magic. They offer a more refined, mind-blowing form of entertainment including, but not limited to, close-up magic, stage magic, deception, cardistry and mentalism that will surely bring back memories of childhood.

Magic Window was created by Thomas Pua and Aljen Araneta with a goal of convening magicians and aspirants in order to share ideas and grow as a performer. The group started in 2009 but was using a different name of "Cerca Trova" but got disbanded.

In 2011, Pua and Araneta decided to form the magic group back together and finalized it with the name Magic Window.

"In a window, we can see through it but not the inner works of a house; because the former only lets us see what it wants us to see. This is what magic is." Araneta said.

The group have been performing their tricks for six years now and have been advertising their craft on social media including videos of their performances in the streets uploaded on their YouTube channel and Facebook page. They also showcase their skills in large audiences performing live in Universities, events, bars, restaurants and hotels around and outside Cebu, like Bohol, Cagayan, Davao, Dipolog, Leyte and Manila.

MW is composed of different talents with different set of skills ranging from mentalism, close-up, stage and gambling magic. Currently, MW has six magicians who each performs their field of specialty in the public.

Thomas Pua, one of the founders, specialize on mentalism - a type of magic that utilizes the feat of mind, Aljen Araneta, gambling magic that involves dirty dealing and card cheat, Marvin Cabanes, stage magic, Nicel Kyle Quezon, cardistry and JV Tagaan and Mario Codera who both specialize in close up magic.

"It's more on you projecting yourself on a certain act and then basically predicting what's going to happen, you have to put in social dynamics into practice." Pua on mentalism.

Aside from possessing different types of skill set, MW also has a mixture of different individuals. From a professional working group, a college and a high school student. The stand out of the group is the 18 year old magician JV Tagaan who specialize on close up magic and levitation illusion - a trick that makes an object float in the air. Tagaan started doing magic since he was eight years old when a classmate introduced him to doing magic tricks.

"Naa ra koy classmate, kana bitaw bata kapa nga mu perform rakag tricks then murag ma ilad ka bah then naka discover ko nga there's more. (I have a classmate when I was young who perform magic trick. I was attracted to it because I also got tricked. I tried doing it and discovered that there's more)," Tagaan explained.

Tagaan is currently a high school student in San Roque Child Development School in Basak, Liloan Cebu.

Artifice Expert and MW's founder also shared tips on how to become a magician, especially to people who aspire to become magic performers.

1. Practice

"Always practice before you perform, at least 2 weeks of practice. If you really want it go for it, practice. That is how you become a magician."

2. Be positive and show it to people

"Try to focus on more positives than negatives and actually go out there and perform for people because that's the best way for you to say that you're getting better."

3. Do not limit yourself

"Don't stick to what you already know because you think that it's good enough , there's always room for improvement. Not just for a simple trick. You can turn a simple trick into a complicated one and vice versa."

4. Remember your purpose of magic

"Remember why you're doing this in the first place, you're not doing this for money, for fame or to get women. Whatever reason you have in doing magic make sure to always remember that and keep that close in your heart because that will tell people that you really are a magician."

5. Look for mentors

"Mentors are really important. Do not rely on just YouTube, DVD's or other videos on the net. Look for real life mentors who can really help you on the long run."

TMW had hosted three magic workshops in the span of six years, they have been teaching aspiring magicians who want to learn the craft and accepts classes to beginners.

Currently, MW has a small business that sells materials for different magic genres located at Shopwise in Basak, Pardo Cebu. (SunStar Philippines)

Published in the SunStar Cebu newspaper on May 22, 2017.

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