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Serna: ‘You’re My Boss,’ ‘Kid Kulafu’

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Serna: ‘You’re My Boss,’ ‘Kid Kulafu’

Thursday, April 09, 2015

AS far as the entertainment world is concerned, it gave the recent Holy Week a star-studded start, so to speak. Kapamilya stars Toni Gonzaga and Coco Martin visited Cebu for the promo of their latest Star Cinema starrer, You’re My Boss.

This is rather late because we had no newspaper issue on Good Friday, but I feel the topics are too juicy to pass, so bear with me.

Promo diva Josie Pereyra arranged a press conference for the E-Group in one of the function rooms of Radisson Blu. Some of us consider this presscon the best in recent memory.

While most of the past presscons were short, the one with Toni and Coco lasted for almost an hour, a record in itself, I should say. That was because both actors needed no further coaxing to make them speak out what’s on their minds. Imagine receiving kilometric answers for a question.

When the kissing scene was mentioned, Toni refused to call it as such because for her it was nothing sensual nor sexy, but cute and funny. She added that she does not want to do love scenes unless they’re in a comedy project, because she feels she was born to do romantic comedies.

She was the one who broached the concept of You’re My Boss to Star Cinema bosses. It was the creative team including director Antoinette Jadaone who enriched and completed it.

Although Toni said they had no compatibility factors, both were locquacious and articulate, not to mention intelligent. Both had good words for each other and by doing so, I sensed that both actors are realistic, down to earth and haven’t forgotten their beginnings.

Toni admits having seen the dedication, the heart and soul of her co-star while filming. Coco described Toni as so secure as an actress, a teamplayer and a collaborative co-star.

Coco was humble enough to admit that he finds rom-com difficult, a new genre for him, so much so that it takes him six to nine takes at times, to the point of being on the verge of tears due to frustration. Toni was always there to support him.

He added that he had to take the challenge with the feeling that it would complete him as an actor. He even proudly said that he had gathered an arsenal of acting skills that he can use anytime.

Toni can relate to her character Georgina’s strong will and confidence, being opinionated at times and with a strong façade, but with a soft spot especially for family and love matters.

Toni surmised that the reason she, Coco and direk Antoinette clicked easily is because they belong to the same age bracket (30s) and era (‘90s), thus having almost the same wavelength.

These made the actors confident that they were able to come up with a good project. Did you see these things when you watched the movie? I still have to.


On the recurring issue (at least, at presscon time) of the controversial Bb. Pilipinas hosting that she did (you might have even seen or heard her on air on this), Toni describes the country as a huge Supreme Court: Too many judges, everyone a member of the jury.

However, with the 15 years that she has spent in the industry, for her it is good enough to know what to ignore, what to value and whose opinion really matters. She is quick to add that she has already learned to accept these things as part of the territory.


After Toni, her fiance takes his turn to visit Cebu. Paul Soriano, who directs Kid Kulafu, will be in Cebu tomorrow with former child star Buboy Villar, who plays the role of the young Manny Pacquiao, who was called Kid Kulafu by his own brother.

The movie chronicles the hardships and struggles of the “pambansang kamao” and Saranggani representative Manny Pacquiao before he attained such status.

Alessandra de Rossi plays the role of Mommy Dionisia. Kid Kulafu will be shown starting April 15.


Next Saturday, April 18, former Pinoy Big Brother All In housemate Fifth Solomon will again delight shoppers of Gaisano Bogo with his presence at the grand draw of A Million Thanks raffle promo, where a car and other valuable prizes are at stake.

The show will be held at 6 p.m. right in front of Gaisano Bogo. The event also serves as the culmination of the Summertime Sale and Giveaways where watches, slippers, face towels and other items are given away for minimum purchases.

Be counted.

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