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Child’s Play

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Child’s Play

Thursday, October 05, 2017

Kids Paradise, Ayala Center Cebu (SunStar Foto/Allan Cuizon)

GONE are the days of climbing trees and skinned knees, the days of bathing in sunshine and sweat. Now, with the advent of technology, children stay at home staring at screens barely even breaking a sweat. With this newly developed sedentary lifestyle, children who are supposed to be active lead unhealthy lives. To address this growing dilemma of parents who wish to separate their children from their screens, indoor playgrounds were born to provide that active and healthy fun indoors.

Kids Paradise is located on the fourth floor of Ayala Center Cebu, right beside Gold’s Gym. The playhouse is a colorful haven where children play to their hearts’ content. With over 14 branches in the country after having opened only in the year 2017, the new player in this industry is slowly gaining momentum with more and more families loving its facilities. Having been requested to open more branches, it decided to finally open one in Cebu, with the one in Ayala as its very first branch.

The interior is surrounded with safe and soft materials that can withstand the weight of hundreds of children yet are soft and not harmful at all for children who would fall or trip.

Upon entering the playground, the children are greeted with a ball pit in a huge room with cushioned stairs and floors, slides, a banana seesaw and an inflatable wheel. The place is as colorful as a child’s imagination, with a wide motion-sensor slide which reacts to the user’s movement. Every time a kid goes down on the slide, either piano keys make a sound or there’s water projected as splashing all over the ball pit. The playhouse also features a massive motion-sensor wall projected over a soft cushion to which children throw balls and the images on the walls react accordingly.

Many other rooms are also available for children whose interest goes way beyond throwing balls. There’s a room full of connecting pipe toys that resemble lego blocks but are soft and not harmful to step on. There’s also a room with a floor full of small silicon gels that give an appearance of white sand and which, according to attendants, are not harmful to swallow at all.

The playhouse is composed of two floors, and upstairs is an entirely different room with a TV constantly showing cartoons with plush toys and bean bags where children can comfortably sit. The room also features a small slide and a waterbed which interestingly changes its lights when children jump on it. In the corner of the room is a kinetic sand table where children sit and talk to each other comfortably and create figures from sand, which is perfectly safe for kids to play with.

Published in the SunStar Cebu newspaper on October 06, 2017.

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