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20 gig horror stories

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20 gig horror stories

Monday, October 23, 2017

I HAD fun recalling these horrific gig scenarios that may or may not be sourced from personal experience. In time for the upcoming Halloween craze, here are 20 horror stories during gigs.

  1. You’re the main guitarist and your A string breaks. Especially when you’re playing rock music, that means zero power chord work.

  2. There are two guitarists in the band and just when you’re about to play you realize there’s only one guitar amplifier on stage.

  3. The party’s too wild and beer starts spilling over your guitar rig.

  4. Your band is scheduled to played at 12 midnight but the gig’s four hours delayed.

  5. The drummer readies his kit and sees all the cymbals are cracked.

  6. The “fee” you were promised never arrives. Your contact suddenly disappears from the face of the Earth.

  7. You run your guitar through 20 analog pedals and suddenly in the middle of a song, you lose your signal and you’ll have to troubleshoot every connection.

  8. The venue’s power fluctuates and fries your digital effects.

  9. You’re a guitarist about to play a gig and the equipment rental guys brought you a 10-watt practice amplifier.

  10. The vocal microphone sends an electrical shock every time your lips touch it.

  11. There are five stage monitors but none of them work.

  12. The equipment rental guys forget to bring a bass amplifier and ask the bassist to use the keyboard amplifier instead.

  13. You fall asleep before the gig and wake up just when the gig has already ended.

  14. You have three gigs in one night but then you remember it’s Sinulog Sunday.

  15. The band is five minutes away from setting up on stage but you’re waiting for a member to finally make it to the venue.

  16. The band arrives in the venue but then realizes they left their guitar effects at home.

  17. The drumsticks break and the drummer only brought one pair.

  18. You jump crazy on stage only to land on your ankle—really hard.

  19. You have three songs prepared then the production crew asks you to cut your set to two songs.

  20. You play an entire song in the Key of E but realize afterward you’re tuned Drop D.

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