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Ready for rain: 5 items you need to bring

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Ready for rain: 5 items you need to bring

Thursday, October 19, 2017

FLOODING is a metropolitan disease that should have no place in a state that aims and claims to be progressive and competitive. Lucky for Filipinos, we have always embraced a “we’ll-get-through-this-somehow” attitude ever since. Perhaps, the unpredictable seasons then and now, this highly erratic weather, have molded people’s minds; quick to adapt to the changing of times; always a step away from spelling the difference between sinking and surviving.

So with these sunny rains making the city’s drama all the more compelling, here are a few tips, some fashion items one must bring with him when he leaves his place. These days, you never know as the day could be sunny at 11 a.m. but stormy by noon. These things could make your life easier.


This isn’t the most functional of them all but with respect to the alphabet, we start off with the cap.

The cap (or just about any decent headgear you can manage to grab) should be good enough to keep your head dry and warm under light rains.

Bling caps with all the studs and shiny stuff won’t really cut it, and mesh caps as well. Baseball caps are your best friends.

Durable Shoes

There are two choices here. You go for the best anti-wear and tear pair you can find in your closet. Or, you can find the most beat up sneaks you have and run it down until its soles reach the heavens. Obviously, flip-flops are not an option.

Whatever it is you choose, make sure you’re ready to battle water world with it. Pro tip: check out those style-friendly boots.


This here’s for warmth. And with a little style. You can’t sport a transparent raincoat the entire day while at work but you sure can don your favorite comfy jacket. This helps your body cope with the changing temperatures, and help you stay fry from light rains when out on the street for a short walk.

Pick a jacket that’s water-resistant too, with a fabric that repels light drops of water—nylon, polyester or silk. Don’t pick wool or cotton.

Long Pants

This one’s up for debate. So there’s a camp that prefers just shorts—increasing mobility by a good amount. But then there’s another camp that prefers long pants, because, and they say, “what are clothes for then if not to protect ourselves?”

That said, long pants are the safe choice.

Portable Umbrella

Some people hate having to bring around stuff with them but when the clouds decide to be a bother and bring down a rainfall of precipitation from the Pacific or beside South Road Properties, then a handy-dandy umbrella is the ultimate sexy symbol of utmost preparedness.

“Take that rain,” one says with an umbrella. As for the floods, just wait it out.

Published in the SunStar Cebu newspaper on October 20, 2017.

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