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Step up your ‘flat lay’ game

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Step up your ‘flat lay’ game

Friday, October 20, 2017

SOCIAL media sites like Instagram bring out the creativity of each and every human being in this world. Others might say that some people are so exaggerated for being so particular with the photos they post on their accounts. However, this is their way of expressing themselves and showcasing their brand of aesthetic.

Flat lay photography has been the thing for some time now. This is when objects are laid on a surface carefully arranged and then photographed from above so that viewers can see everything at once. Here are some tips one should consider to achieve that perfectly Instagrammable flat lay photo.


The background of one’s flat lay is one of the most important things to consider as this is the canvas of one’s masterpiece. It should be something that is simple and clean yet adds some texture and character to the overall photo such as a whiteboard or tabletop or a piece of pretty fabric.


Good lighting means a good photo because it can get one the best texture and vibrancy of color for one’s subjects. Take photos where the lighting is great; outdoors is best or by a window preferably in the morning, or midday to get more neutral balanced light.


A flat lay is not all about how one takes pictures from above but it is more on how one composes the photo and arranges the subjects in a way that suits the goal of achieving that picture-perfect snap.

Make use of the camera’s grid tool to see where things line up in the image and try shooting a few different versions of your setup and try different arrangements of the subjects to find the best layout.


Flat lays are supposed to tell a visual story. Knowing the theme of one’s flat lay is a must to know what kind of props and color palette one needs to end up with for a cohesive look. The color coordination and props add to the overall effect as well.


Spiff the photos up in post-production by increasing the photos’ brightness and contrast, adjusting the photos’ structure and applying filters that increase the photos’ details. Make the background more compelling and highlight the colors of the subjects depending on what kind of story you want to share online.

Published in the SunStar Cebu newspaper on October 21, 2017.

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