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Tropic menu

Friday, October 20, 2017

SELDOM do I have “Part 2” columns, but I’ll make an exception this week.

Last week my theme was “don’t play with your food” and I tied it up with game applications. So this week, I will finish the effort with a menu from one game app, Farmville Tropic Escape, which currently has 442,000 hits in search sites. Not bad for a game that constantly freezes in the middle of a tournament.

The game created by Zynga is rated between 4.5 and 4.7 by users, although with the many bugs biting the game, I am tempted to rate it a modest 4.0. Nevertheless, it’s an addicting game, fun and exciting, but taking the candy away are the many problems hounding the island game.

Since this is not a game app review, let me concentrate on the delicious-sounding food that the game tasks players to produce and sell to gain star points or trade with other players, and to earn coins to buy factories and such. It allows interaction since there is a very active Forum section.

There are five stations where players can produce food as ordered by the day’s task board: The Beachfront Kitchen, Sushi Stand, Tiki Bar, Bakery and Grill. The menu is realistic enough and with little imagination, it can be reproduced at home. Enough with the chitchat.

Beachfront Delicacies: The Mango Salsa calls for two pieces of semi-ripe mangoes and two of pineapples. To make one at home, dice one mango, half-a-pineapple and mix with green bell peppers and onions. It’s up to you if you want mayo or vinegar on this. Great with tacos and grilled fish (produced at the Grill Stand).

The Fish Taco in the game calls for “one flour” (the game does not suggest cups or tablespoons), two seared salmons and two pieces of lime. To make this at home, grill any white fish. To assemble, fill taco with shredded cabbage, sliced fish, cheese and tomatoes. Drizzle with lime juice.

The Beachfront’s other items are Acai Bowl, Lobster Benedict and Poke.

Tiki It To Me: Too bad for guys who like to guzzle alcohol before breakfast, the place is a NAB one or non-alcoholic, yes, bar. Pun aside, the watering hole offers Piña colada, Daiquiri, Bubble Tea, Chocolate Shake and Passion Punch.

The Daiquiri made me laugh. It only contains two pieces of mango, which makes it mango juice. To make it real, add rum, sugar and crushed ice.

I’m down to my last few bytes, so let me just warn you that the mushroom quiche, produced in the Bakery, uses red mushrooms. We know highly colored mushrooms are poisonous, so be careful what you make.

Published in the SunStar Cebu newspaper on October 21, 2017.

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