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Easy holiday hairstyles

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Easy holiday hairstyles

Thursday, December 07, 2017

LAST week, we had some tips on how to do your holiday party makeup when there’s hardly any time. What about your hair? If you don’t want to sport the same hairstyle over and over for all those party pictures, here are a few ideas how to dress up your tresses, no professional hairstylist required.

Soft waves

The key to getting soft waves is to use a larger-barrel curling iron. The size of the barrel will depend on how long the hair is. An inch or 1.5 inches works for hair that’s about shoulder length, while those with hair down to the elbows or waist will need a two-inch barrel. After winding each section of hair around the curling iron for 10 to 20 seconds, pull down on the strand to loosen. Once all your hair is curled, gently finger-comb to loosen the curls even more.

Pretty curls

More defined curls are also pretty for evening occasions and can work even on shorter hair lengths. To avoid hair getting too poufy at the top, don’t wind hair too close to the scalp. Keep curls looking modern, not dated, by curling in alternate directions. For the sections closest to the face, curl outwards, which is more flattering and less ‘80s prom than curling towards the face.

Jeweled headband

The holidays are the perfect reason to wear something sparkly on your head. A full-on bejeweled headband is festive, but if gold and roses and beads aren’t your thing, you can always pick a slimmer style for just a hint of shimmer.

Sleek ribbon

Don’t underestimate the simplicity of a black ribbon. Pick one in velvet or another fabric that doesn’t crease and falls nicely. To keep it in place, secure with bobby pins near the nape. Let the ribbon hang from beside an updo, as shown, for a more grown-up look.

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