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Valentine's Day date ideas for the 5 types of couples

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Valentine's Day date ideas for the 5 types of couples

Saturday, February 10, 2018

THE smell of flowers and the sight of chocolates signal the start of love season. Now only days away from Valentine’s Day, couples can’t stop rambling about where and how to celebrate this extra special day. Of course, every pair is different. To make this V-Day one that’s the most memorable yet, couples would wish to go on a date that fits their interests. For the lovebirds who are yet to decide on where to go on Valentine’s Day, here are date ideas for the different types of couples:

The Adventurous Couple

This type of couple thirsts for the great unknown and is always on the lookout for that adventure of a lifetime. A sure way to feed this couple’s wandering souls is a drive down south to the best ecotourism destination in Cebu. Dao Falls in Samboan will be one heck of an adventure for the couple because aside from the long drive to Samboan, this date won’t be considered an adventure if there is no trekking involved. That’s right, a 30-minute upriver trek along the cliffside of canyons is all it takes for the couple to get a sight of the falls. The magnificent falls and its pristine pool down below where one could take a refreshing dip is a much-deserved reward for that long trek.

The Island Couple

The sand, sea, sun and sky is the only view that matters for this type of couple. A day at the beach is the ideal date for these lovebirds and the best location is situated at the northernmost tip of the island of Cebu. Without a doubt, Bantayan Island is one of the best islands in the country and right within this island is the town of Sta. Fe. The best beach the Queen City of the South has to offer is the perfect destination for the couple and Sta. Fe is nothing short of amazing. Here, the long stretch of unspoiled powdery white sand and crystal clear waters is the winning view that makes for a romantic Valentine’s Day date. The island couple will hopelessly fall in love with this natural gem too as Sta. Fe, Bantayan Island is a must-see and must-visit destination.

The “Oldie But Goodie” Couple

The oldie but goodie couple are ones who always see the beauty of something out of date and regard it as something still worth knowing. They fancy a museum tour and the like and are hyped about anything and everything culture and heritage. These lovebirds are in luck as Cebu has a rich and colorful heritage worth knowing. Located south of Cebu is Carcar City which is known to be the best heritage trail there is. Aside from Carcar being known for its juicy and flavorful lechon, the city is also home to Spanish and American period structures of great architecture. The Church of St. Catherine of Alexandria, ancestral houses of distinctive architectural details and The Rotunda which is a familiar scenery when visiting Carcar are just a few of the sights to explore for the couple.

The Foodies

If couples had a motto, this type of couple’s motto would be: Food is life. Food indeed takes a huge involvement in this couple’s relationship where dates would always start with the question, “Where do we eat?” A tricky question for both of the persons involved, but a sure way into your partner’s heart. Valentine’s Day for this couple is just like any other day and the best mall for foodies like them to go to this V-Day is Ayala Center Cebu. Craving for Filipino, American, Japanese, Vietnamese or Spanish cuisine? You name it, because not only is Ayala Center Cebu the premier destination for shopping and entertainment, the mall is also famous for its extensive lineup of restaurants that cater to every discerning palate, much like this type of couple’s abrupt cravings, thus making it a foodies’ haven.

The Fitness Buffs

Who doesn’t love a good workout? No strangers to this kind of lifestyle is this type of couple who are absolutely obsessed with it. These fitness buffs consider working out together an enjoyable and fun way to celebrate heart’s day and no one is stopping them because this only leads to a healthier and happier life. A more convenient workout place for active individuals like them is Anytime Fitness, one of the best gyms in town. This 24-hour gym is ideal especially for couples with a busy schedule, and what makes this place even greater is that this gym also provides high-standard equipment and trusted trainers. This might be a different approach to a Valentine’s Day date, but working out will make for a stronger (literally and figuratively) relationship.

Published in the SunStar Cebu newspaper on February 11, 2018.

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