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The Ponderous Diva

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The Ponderous Diva

Monday, March 20, 2017

REMEMBER Gaisano Ilustre shows at the 5th level where young aspiring talents had a grand time showing their skills in singing, dancing, ramp modeling and hosting?

I have one of the talents there in my cover.

Does the name “Chabz” ring a bell? If it doesn’t, you are missing half of your life not knowing this gem of a talent at Zigudu Bar. Let us get to know one funny comedian of Davao who goes by the name Edgar Barrios Corteza Jr.

I asked Chabz to write about himself and this is what he sent me.

“I was born on May 23, 1986. Yes, I am 30 years old and a resident of Green Meadows, Barangay Sto. Niño [in] Tugbok District. My mother is Mrs. Yvonne Barrios Corteza and my father is Mr. Edgar Capalit Corteza Sr. I have four siblings. I am a ‘super shy’ person who is afraid to face and talk to people. There was a time [when] my mom made me sing [in public]. OMG! I felt the world fell apart. I cried because I could carry a tune out of embarrassment. I laugh every time I recall [that] experience,” he shared.

That incident made a mark in his life. He recalled that his mom enrolled him in singing, dancing and acting classes. Chabz felt then that he needed to hone his talent knowing that practice is what it takes to do be good at what you do.

Singing is apparently his passion. His mom plays a big role in what he has become now. His mom was always there to accompany him during out of town shows and even the events of bigwigs in the city and out of town.

“I am aware that [I] get out of tune when I sing. Mom would honestly tell me where I went awry in my singing. That's why I strived harder to learn the craft. Good thing, I learned but still I have to struggle with my shyness. It is always a challenge,” he divulged.

It was in high school when he learned to overcome his lack of confidence. He gained a lot of friends and had become a class clown. It was what we called his “super achievement” before. He confessed he was never an academic achiever but he was involved in a number of extra-curricular activities, making his peers loved him.

“High school life was so amazing [since it was the time when] I became a person I always wanted to be,” he shared.

College for Chabz was an experience he could never forget. He shared how he had been looked down by seniors and bullied outside school for being big and gay. He felt disrespected as a person and some would glare at him like he was an animal. That was what he felt yet he maintained his composure by reminding himself to fight.

On the lighter note, Chabz was a Mass Communication student at the University of Mindanao. He was a loyalty awardee. He recalled joining a film festival once and winning the Best Actor for the film he starred.

Eventually, he joined the Dreamstar show on Sky where he enjoyed being with people. I saw Chabz at the 5th level during my gig with JS Gaisano along with Wanda and now Lawyer Alexis Lumbatan.

“It was in that show where Kenita saw me and invited me to sing in a Miss Gay event. A talent scout saw me there and asked me to audition in a bar to be one of their stand-up comedians. I only knew how to sing but make audience laugh, no. Funny, I still got the slot in 2008,” Chabz related.

Chabz was on a roll, starting his career at Joke Hall with the famous comedian Quinna (who was fondly called Kuya Jake). Kuya Jake was his mentor for almost a decade in the industry. His stints made him travel to different cities. His lack of confidence dimmed with his TV contest performances on Pinoy Big Brother, Pilipinas Got Talent, X-Factor and Protégé. He has been continuously working beyond audition for he still feels uncomfortable with contests.

Now, he is performing at the Zigudu Restobar on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Email me for feature requests and contact me at 09228420977 for events handling and hosting. Belated happy birthday (February 23) to Jack dela Cruz from Familia Tomo and Familia Osorio.

Published in the Sun.Star Davao newspaper on March 21, 2017.

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