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A lechon that unites all taste buds

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A lechon that unites all taste buds

Monday, March 20, 2017

EVERY Filipino occasion wouldn’t be complete without having lechon baboy (roasted pig) as main dish laid on the table along with the other traditional recipes.

But did you ever wonder where to find the best tasting lechon in Davao City?

We all know there are a lot of established lechon house that are mushrooming all over the country now but finding one that serves only the best can be quiet difficult at times. When it comes to food, we always have different opinions but I bet we would all agree that this one lechon house will unite all taste buds regardless of their diversity.

No less than Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio attest that Mikki’s Lechon is among the best there is in the city.

“The red roasted crunchy skin is what everyone digs in and nothing is comparable to Mikki's Lechon,” the mayor wrote a review on Mikki’s Lechon at the establishment’s Facebook page.

Mikki's Lechon had its humble beginnings but now it has already grown and has been known as one of best tasting lechons that could compete with those who have pioneered the same business here in the city.

Established in 2007, Mikki's Lechon owner Michael Vincent “Mikki” de Hitta made use of his small backyard then as a place to start his lechon business after he was encouraged by his grandfather who was a certified lechon lover.

“Mahilig kasi yung lolo ko mag pa lechon dati. Naalala ko, nag papa labor pa si lolo para may mag ikot ng lechon sa likod ng bahay. Tapos dun ako nag-oobserve (My grandfather used to prepare roasted pig. I remember him paying people to turn his lechon around in our backyard. And I observed him),” de Hitta recalled.

Even Sebastian “Baste” Duterte, President Rodrigo Duterte’s son and also a friend of De Hitta, helped promote the business.

“Nung pinatikim ko kay Baste, nasarapan siya kaya pinatikim niya sa ate at kuya nya pati na din kay mayor Digong (President Duterte),” he shared, adding that the influence of the Dutertes made a big impact to his success.

Now, Mikki’s Lechon sells an average of 20 lechon a day which is quite great for a business which started small.

It has become one of the locals’ favorites because of its lechon’s red, crunchy skin and salty and peppery flavor that are present in every inch of the juicy lechon.

The appetizing aroma of the lemon grass, garlic, bell pepper and onions are just among the evidences that Mikki's Lechon keeps the same traditional way of cooking but it's the special ingredient that makes it more special.

Every order comes with the Pinoy's favorite dip, the Mang Tomas sauce and a trencher of the classic “dinuguan.”

What makes it more unique is they also offer hot and spicy lechon that will surely entice those who love spicy foods. Aside from that, they always assure that the lechon is cooked well-done with its crispylicious skin and money-back guarantee.

They also have outstanding free delivery service for the lechon you ordered to guarantee that you’ll have it served hot and fresh.

The price starts at P3,200 for eight to 10 kilograms lechon, but the best-seller size is the 40 kilograms which is worth P6,000.

To order, contact mobile number (0906) 357-10-37 or landline (082) 298-52-54 or visit their Facebook page Mikki's Lechon.

Price List:

8 to 10 kg - P3,200
13 to 15 kg - P3,500
17 to 20 kg - P4,000
21 to 23 kg - P4,200
24 to 25 kg - P4,500
27 to 28 kg - P5,000
30 kg - P5,500
35 to 38 kg - P6,000
40 kg - P6,500
45 kg - P7,000
50 kg - P7,500

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Published in the Sun.Star Davao newspaper on March 21, 2017.

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