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Letting go with glee

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Letting go with glee

Friday, April 21, 2017

141 sea turtle hatchlings released to the sea

(Photo by Rhealyn Pojas)

THE shore was filled with bliss and the sea’s waves crashed as if welcoming the grand entrance of one the ocean’s treasure – the Hawksbill hatchlings. I could only think that fishes, corals and the rest of the ocean were up for a big celebration.

Just before the sun set on April 18 at the Turtle Sanctuary of the Cleanergy Park in Punta Dumalag, Davao City, various individuals from the academe, non-government and government organizations including the media witnessed the released of 141 sea turtle hatchlings to the their home - sea.

Knowing that these hatchlings belong to an endangered species is something to be excited and be joyful about. Witnesses watched in awe as the bunch of cute hatchlings crawl their way to the sea.

The adults who were there were as joyful as the kids. All snapped photos and took videos of the sea turtles. Here, I thought, letting go did not mean hurting. Letting go was glee.

Davao Light and Power Co. Community Relations officer Fermin Edillion explained before the guests that when hatchlings are released, they would make them crawl through the shore to the sea for magnetic imprinting purposes. How significant is this practice? You might ask. It is believed that through this, sea turtles will be able to come back to the place where they were hatched.

Sea turtles, especially the females, return to the place where they began life to reproduce. The guests were all keyed up to let go, allowing the Hawksbill hatchlings to start a new journey and embrace the real life destined for them. It was just good to know that there are people out there with good minds who care a whole awful lot.

All those who witnessed the event were reminded of a thing or two and that includes taking care of nature. The punch line is if we take care of nature, nature will take care of us. It’s a quid pro quo so to speak. (Xydney Hope S. Diesto, NDDU Intern /With Rhealyn C. Pojas)

Published in the SunStar Davao newspaper on April 22, 2017.

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