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Hidalgo: Social media news feeds - excitements and dilemmas

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Hidalgo: Social media news feeds - excitements and dilemmas

Tuesday, October 03, 2017

I HAD a pleasant surprise morning of September 26 listening to the special airing of the Facebook Anniversary Special. No minute was a waste listening to the talks of Mrs. Chan and Mr. Mark Zuckerberg, the CEOs of Facebook Inc.

The most pleasant part in the celebration was the automatic video Facebook generates about Moments with friends, in my case, my sister Medy. Pictures of Medy and me throughout the five years we were Facebook friends were featured in a nicely arranged story from our early days in our home in Pasig City, to places we visited growing up. Family holidays of birthdays, Christmas, and outings; grand celebrations of marriage anniversaries. I had a lump in my throat watching the video. Did we spend our life together like that? Awesome! We are five sisters in the family and Medy is the youngest. I marvel at her thoughtfulness and concern about me specially when I am sick. I live in Davao City in Mindanao and she lives in San Pedro, Laguna in Luzon yet our daily communications go on through Facebook messages.

Another Facebook feed I found interesting was that which showed five of my favorite photos. They are my 86th birthday pic, my first venture taking my selfie pic, one Christmas in my Marikina City home, and a nice pic when I listened to a Sonata show in Marco Polo Hotel in Davao auditorium. The last pic is a sharing of my Tuesday column in SunStar Davao showing my pic and byline, Citizen Fe with the article “The premature reopening of Mount Apo” after it was gutted by a forest fire. The post states that these five pictures were liked by my friends 50,000 times. These Facebook features are heartening as it walks us back through events and photos we may have already forgotten.

Now on the not so pleasant posts on the dilemmas of our present regime. It is my habit to scan the daily newspapers news feed on the internet to have ideas on what I have to comment on in my weekly column. I was at a loss. I got dizzy, bothered , and bewildered. The netizens' posts, the President's pronouncements on his policies are muddled. What are true, hearsay, gossips, or really malicious? Some use gutter language, vulgar, immoral statements not expected of an educated person. Is there no law on censuring these types of entries in the social media? How can we teach the young, the children, if they read or hear these social media posts? They tend to imitate it and there we are. Sometimes, I do not read these posts anymore so as not to disturb my peace and sanity.

The news feeds are filled with the endless pros and cons comments on the style of ruling of the President. Some are disrespectful, devoid of any respect for the President from the cons. Others are high adulations of the president's style of ruling. Then there is a melee of the cons and pros leaving us askance - who are right? Who are wrong? The political warfare are in high gear between the liberal yellowtards and the Dutertetards. Mud-slinging, character assassinations, endless quarrelling factions are almost like fools to us - the unbiased, peaceful, moral with integrity citizens of our beleaguered country.

Let us stand to be recognized. Fight for what is right and just. Fight what are evil. Remember evil wins when the good remains unconcerned. We deserve the governance which we allow to rule us. Do we deserve the situation now? Answer this wisely.

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Published in the SunStar Davao newspaper on October 03, 2017.

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