Police introduce neighborhood security in Iloilo City

'Kasilingan' introduced in Iloilo City

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'Kasilingan' introduced in Iloilo City

Thursday, June 22, 2017

THE Iloilo City Police Office (ICPO) has introduced to the barangays (villages) and establishment owners the "kasilingan" or neighborhood concept of security.

ICPO organized barangays and establishments into clusters for easier monitoring and effective preparation and implementation of security measures.

“If you are clustered in a district and something happened in an establishment within your cluster, then help them,” ICPO director Remus Zacarias Canieso said on Thursday, June 22.

“As neighbors belonging to one barangay or sitio, we look after one another, help one another,” Canieso added.

Canieso underscored that the help could come in the form of accurate and “enough” information that will help the responding security or police units to see the “bigger picture” and plan appropriate response to the incident.

Canieso cited the Resort World Manila incident in stressing the importance of information in effective police response.

“What happened in Resorts World (Manila) was the information given (to the police) was piecemeal. It was correct, but you can’t see the bigger picture,” Canieso said.

The clustering of barangays and establishments can help those in the clusters warn, and eventually help others.

“If there are persons (in a hotel that the staff find) suspicious, they can pass the word to other establishments like ‘There are suspicious persons that checkout from us, maybe they will check in your hotel’ or they can immediately inform the police to validate the information,” Canieso said.

Canieso also reiterated the important role of security guards when untoward incident happens in an establishment.

“If there is an incident and the police can’t directly enter the affected establishment, the security guards of nearby establishment can give us vital information as to how many persons entered the building, how many are armed, etc.,” he explained.

The police director also appealed to the public, particularly those employed to ensure security and peace and order of an establishment, to drop the “It’s-not-my-job” mentality when it comes to being vigilant of the area’s security.

He said some do not mind other establishments as long as they fulfill their obligations to their employers.

“Let us remove that mindset because (when something happened), who will be affected? All of us. It will affect our businesses, the overall business climate and safety and security of customers,” Canieso said.

Canieso added that the breach of security in one establishment could impact not only the cluster but the whole Iloilo City community. (PNA)

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