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Business ideas for aspiring millennial entrepreneurs

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Business ideas for aspiring millennial entrepreneurs

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

MAJORITY of millennials are considering growing their own business. It’s a given fact that while our day job can cover our bases and even afford us some extras, starting a business is actually one way to be financially independent.

The good news is that you don’t need a ton of capital to get a promising venture off the ground. In many instances, all you need is P10,000. Here are business ideas you can consider if you have minimum capital but big dreams to succeed.

1. Ice cream dealership

If you’ve always been a fan of ice cream, you’ll love to learn that starting an ice cream dealership is well within your reach. Ice cream companies usually offer startup packages to interested dealers, and some will even let you loan a freezer so you can start selling even at home.

2. Siomai stall

These days, there’s a siomai stall around every corner -- and for good reason. Not only are Pinoys crazy over dumplings, a siomai stall is also a very affordable business to start up. Siomai doesn’t require many ingredients and it doesn’t cost much to construct the stall itself.

3. Burger stand

Don’t have millions of pesos to spend on a fast food franchise? No worries, you can start your own home-based burger-and-fries stand for just a couple of thousand pesos. All you need to invest in is a fryer, and the initial stock of burger patties and frozen fries.

4. Pastry business

You can’t have an office party, birthday, or despedida without cakes and other baked sweets. If you have a knack for baking, you may want to explore investing on a pastry business. With proper training and right amount of capital, you can start small and focus on selling pastry in batches.

5. Hand-made soaps

Millennials are crazy over all things hand-made and small-batch, so there's a market for homemade soaps that can help you earn tidy profit. If you have all the necessary equipment, chemicals, and materials, you can start your own hand-made soap business. Now that you can promote products online, marketing your brand can be done much easier.

6. Gourmet Tuyo

Thanks to the gourmet movement, “low brow” Filipino delicacies such as tuyo and daing are getting an upmarket makeover. Bottled tuyo, for instance, is easy and cheap to make yet sells at a good price and is an ideal “pabaon” to departing balikbayans.

7. Website development

If you have website development skills, consider dabbling in website flipping, a lucrative venture wherein you buy a website or create one, then sell it for a profit. It is also advisable to enroll in an online course on website flipping to learn more about the ropes.

8. Direct-selling business

For people who have the gift of gab, consider entering the direct-selling industry. There is a wide variety of products you can sell, from apparel, to cosmetics, to supplements, so you can pick a product that you’re really passionate about. Many direct-selling companies also offer very affordable start-up packages, some even starting at just P250.

Published in the SunStar Pampanga newspaper on August 08, 2017.

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