Melanie Lim

Melanie Lim

A Certified Public Accountant with master’s degrees in Business Management and English Language Teaching, Melanie T. Lim was born and raised in Cebu. While proudly homegrown, she concedes her time in the United States as well as the People’s Republic of China has shaped her internationalist views. Her multicultural orientation stems from her love of travel which has brought her to 47 countries. In 2000, she was awarded the Cebu Archdiocesan Mass Media Award (CAMMA) for Best Column. Writing is one of her passions, the other three being traveling, designing and doing housework. She is a certified workaholic who continues to work at seriously learning “how to chill.”


Fly safe

FLYING has never seemed more dangerous than today.

On March 8 of this year, Malaysian Airlines MH 370 carrying 239 people onboard vanished from the face of the Earth en route to Beijing from Kuala Lumpur. It is remarkably odd how a Boeing 777, the world’s largest twin jet, can fall off the grid without a trace when in this day and age, cookies can track our browsing histories and stalk our passions and proclivities online.

A way out

IS THERE a way out of inter-generational poverty? Yes, there is. But the way out is not paved with indolence, irresponsibility and inaction.

There is a Chinese saying that wealth cannot be sustained beyond three generations. Why? Because while the first generation earns the money and the second generation grows the money, the third generation spends it all.

Wealth & poverty

POVERTY is pervasive in our country. But while I agree that a vast portion of financial wealth in the country is in the hands of a few, I think it would be unjust to say that this privileged minority did not work hard to get to their positions of financial stability.

While some of the moneyed members of the country may have inherited their wealth and a few of them can actually call themselves members of the “non-working rich,” many of the privileged few in our country can actually call themselves, “the working rich.” They also work hard 24/7.

Skills, 2

SKILLS stands for School of Knowledge for Industrial Labor, Leadership and Service. A tour of its campus along General Maxilom Ave. with chief operating officer Paulette D. Liu and executive director Ludy Marie B. Lawas revealed first-rate facilities.

In particular, the facility for the Canadian Welding Bureau Training designed by the Canadian Welding Bureau was impressive. But beyond looks, it was the heart and soul of SKILLS that I fell for.


SKILLS stand for School of Knowledge for Industrial Labor, Leadership and Service. It was probably fate that one rare, lazy afternoon in the mall, I would bump into Paulette D. Liu, a schoolmate from Hijas and now, Chief Operating Officer of Primary Structures Educational Foundation Inc. (PSEFI), the foundation that runs SKILLS.

K to 12

WHILE many Filipinos are lukewarm to the K to 12 curriculum which effectively adds two more years to basic education in the country, I have long batted for this system.

I’ve always felt that when kids in our country enter college at 16 or 17, they lack the emotional maturity to make wise college choices so that more often than not, it’s the parents who undertake the decision-making.


CEBU City Mayor Michael Rama has just vetoed the ordinance granting annual cash aid to solo parents in the city. I laud the mayor’s move though I do not necessarily share his reasons for not wanting this ordinance passed.

In general, I am against any ordinance granting any kind of regular dole-out to anyone in the community except to the elderly and the permanently disabled. While the proponents of the ordinance for annual assistance to solo parents may have had the best of intentions, I believe such ordinance will only succeed in making Filipinos lazy and dependent on the government for assistance.

Gagged 4

TO DATE, the hospital denies gagging baby Yohannes. But they do admit to taping a pacifier over baby Blaire. As of last count, parents of five babies have surfaced with the same experience.

Is it possible for the parents to have gagged their own baby? Of course. But seriously? Again, to what end? For monetary gain? What about the other parents with similar experiences? Are all these parents conspiring to milk the hospital for money?

Gagged 3

AFTER vehement denials from the hospital that they do NOT use pacifiers and they do NOT gag newborn babies with surgical tape, they now miraculously remember that they actually DO practice this controversial procedure, but ONLY upon doctors’ orders.

Could the selective memory of hospital staff and administrators have been triggered by the fact that families of other newborn babies have now come forward to say that they have also seen their own babies in the same hospital in such a predicament?

Gagged 2

THE mystery deepens. The hospital now completely denies any act of gagging done by their staff.

I refer of course to the case of the newborn baby whose mouth was gagged with surgical tape in a hospital nursery.

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