Melanie Lim

Melanie Lim

A Certified Public Accountant with master’s degrees in Business Management and English Language Teaching, Melanie T. Lim was born and raised in Cebu. While proudly homegrown, she concedes her time in the United States as well as the People’s Republic of China has shaped her internationalist views. Her multicultural orientation stems from her love of travel which has brought her to 47 countries. In 2000, she was awarded the Cebu Archdiocesan Mass Media Award (CAMMA) for Best Column. Writing is one of her passions, the other three being traveling, designing and doing housework. She is a certified workaholic who continues to work at seriously learning “how to chill.”


Real winners

SPORTS competitions are good. And especially for kids. They are supposed to teach discipline, determination and dedication as well as promote high selfesteem, well-adjusted behavior and improved physical health. But more than anything else, sports competitions should teach kids to be magnanimous winners and gracious losers.

The last thing we want is for sports competitions to end up into backyard brawls and fist fights.

Stop the bullies

I WAS bullied as a kid. It all happened in Kindergarten. But while I have forgiven the kids who bullied me, I don’t think anyone should ever go through what I did.


I WAS bullied as a kid. I know it’s hard to believe now. With my personality today, it’s hard to imagine that anyone could ever intimidate me, threaten me or lord over me at any time in my life. But once upon a time, I was 5-year-old crybaby.

Looking back, I was really the perfect victim. I was afraid of everything and everyone.

Go grad!

You are off to a whole new chapter in your life. Don’t waste any moment of it. You won’t realize it till it’s too late but the most precious thing in life is time. You can’t turn back the clock. Neither can you stop time. So live each day well and live life without regret.

You are no longer a child. You are now accountable for the choices you make. Now, it rests upon you to write the succeeding chapters of your life. You may have had troubled times in the past.

A bad example

THEY say it began with trash talk. Well, if it is true that the parents, players and supporters of the SHS-Ateneo de Cebu (SHS-AdC) team were calling the Alcoy FC players “taga-bukid” (from the boondocks) during the 16th Aboitiz Football Cup last Sunday, that’s just so sad. It’s bad enough when kids engage in unproductive behavior.

It’s tragic when parents join in. The parent acted so quickly and such swiftness of action might have been lauded had such actions been of a defensive rather than offensive nature.


WHEN my niece was 16, I sort of forcibly sat her down to watch “Taken.”

This 2008 blockbuster movie stars Liam Neeson as the retired CIA agent who travels across Europe to rescue his 17-year old daughter abducted by an Albanian gang of human traffickers.


AS WE celebrate International Women’s Day each year, I pause and think about how lucky I am to have lived a life substantially free from gender bias.

I was raised in a largely liberal household though I can’t say my mother didn’t have old-fashioned ideas about women. Fortunately, my father was the perennial Devil’s advocate. That paved the way for enlightenment in our home.

Tall tales

RAPE is a difficult crime to prove. In the absence of physical evidence as well as witnesses, the situation evolves into a contentious “he said, she said’ case.

Actor, comedian and host Ferdinand “Vhong” Navarro has been accused of rape, first by model Deniece Cornejo and now by former beauty pageant contestant Roxanne Acosta-Cabanero. The actor denies these charges and alleges he is a victim of extortion.

Exacting standards

There have been too many public bus crashes of late that these accidents can no longer be called isolated.

The riding public now has to face the horror of this scenario becoming the norm.

Dead and obscene

ANOTHER whistleblower comes forward with testimony in the biggest corruption scandal of the country.

We’ve always known that corruption is rife in our country. Many of us actually believe that government officials who do not steal are the aberration.

Holy Week 2014

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