Melanie Lim

Melanie Lim

A Certified Public Accountant with master’s degrees in Business Management and English Language Teaching, Melanie T. Lim was born and raised in Cebu. While proudly homegrown, she concedes her time in the United States as well as the People’s Republic of China has shaped her internationalist views. Her multicultural orientation stems from her love of travel which has brought her to 47 countries. In 2000, she was awarded the Cebu Archdiocesan Mass Media Award (CAMMA) for Best Column. Writing is one of her passions, the other three being traveling, designing and doing housework. She is a certified workaholic who continues to work at seriously learning “how to chill.”


Over the hill

There is nothing like illness that makes you seriously think about your impending loss of invincibility. We’ve always known that we won’t live forever but death seems remote when you are young, strong and healthy.

Well, those were the days.

Posting 101

I came across an article some months back about what NOT to post on Facebook. This was the nth article on the subject I had read but this one, I must say, seemed particularly vile.

The author of the article had a long list of what NOT to post on Facebook—kids, pets, significant others, relationships, successes, failures, volunteer work, report cards, food, sunsets, selfies, quotes…I tell you, it was practically everything you could think of that’s ever been posted on Facebook.


This was Alyzza Agustin’s biggest crime.

The 23-year-old men’s magazine model proudly posted on her Facebook page that because of Philippine National Police (PNP) Chief Supt. Alexander Ignacio’s calling card, she was able to get away from being issued a traffic ticket for violating the number coding scheme in Metro Manila.

Hiring seniors

A proposal to require businesses to hire senior citizens is being drafted by our city council. The time for public discourse is now.

I am all for supporting the well-being of the elderly but I am completely against compelling the business sector (under pain of penalty like revocation of business license) to fill in a certain percentage of their work force with senior citizens.

Stab in the back

IT HURTS when someone stabs you in the back. But you can’t lose faith in the rest of humanity. For every person who stabs you in the back, there are a thousand more who will come into your life with generosity and goodness.

Turning 50

I just turned 50. To a 20-year-old, my public declaration may be mortifying. After all, it’s practically social suicide to declare your age when it’s nowhere near 25.

But you know something? I’m proud to be 50. Not many people these days live to be 50. People are dropping like flies. It’s a different world. It’s no longer first-in, first-out. An untimely demise is no longer an uncommon occurrence—at any age. Turning a year older is a real luxury these days.

The tree issue

Frankly, I think there’s too much drama over the trees.

Don’t get me wrong. While I’m not a rabid environmentalist, I’ve been practicing green living most of my life due to the frugal ways of my father who trained all of us to reduce, reuse and recycle long before green living became fashionable.

Kids & Uzis

IF THE norms among gun owners and gun rights advocates were more sober, gun instructor Charles Vacca, 39, would still be alive today.

The case of the 9-year old girl from New Jersey who accidentally and fatally shot her gun instructor with an Uzi submachine gun in Arizona is tragic but it was really inevitable. Despite statements from the gun range owner that nothing of this sort has ever happened in their 14 years of operation, their policy of allowing children as young as eight to shoot at the range was asking for trouble.

Backrider ban

OF LATE, the motorcycle has gained notoriety as a form of transport for criminals in the country. Whether the crime is a simple snatching of a poor pedestrian’s purse or a gruesome murder of some political figure, the once nondescript transport of the masses has now metamorphosed into the dreaded getaway vehicle of criminals.

And much to the dismay of motorcycle owners who have invested hard-earned money into buying the cheapest form of transportation in the country, their prized asset is now a much-vilified vehicle being targeted by mind-blowing legislation.

Save the child

REPUBLIC Act 9344, otherwise known as the Juvenile Justice & Welfare Act (amended by RA 10630), exempts a child, 15 years of age and below from criminal liability. A child above 15 but below 18 years of age is also exempt from criminal liability unless he or she acts in discernment in the commission of a crime.

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