ANOTHER fisherman was found dead in Barangay Canjulao, Lapu-Lapu City yesterday, five days after a person went missing in the same area and was seen lifeless in Cebu City.

Rolando Berame, 51, a resident of Sitio Lubi in Canjulao was seen floating near Gothong Wharf past 8 a.m.

This is the same area where fisherman Jeany Ymbong, 46, a resident of Barangay Gun-ob, went missing last Monday.

Ymbong was no longer alive when he drifted to Barangay Ermita in Cebu City last Wednesday.

Yesterday, Berame went fishing after leaving his house past 6 a.m.

His 55-year-old wife Cristita had told him not to go fishing because a fisherman recently died there.

According to Cristita, Berame said he had to fish so they would have something to eat.

Two hours after he left, Berame’s body was found floating by two persons who were swimming in the area, according to PO3 Luisito Ernie of Lapu-Lapu Police Office Homicide Section.

The two persons who found Berame informed Romnick Argiente, a relative of the victim.

Basin nag-cramp or giatake unya nalumos (Maybe he suffered leg cramps or had a heart attack and drowned),” Ernie said.

Ernied said that Cristita told them that Berame had asthma.

Berame was brought to Lapu-Lapu City Hospital where doctors declared him dead.

Ernie said they recommended that the victim undergo an autopsy.

In a separate interview, Canjulao Barangay Captain Nestor Paypa said the area where the fishermen went fishing  was rich in crabs, seashells and fish.

Lawom na dapita diha. Kusog ang current sa tubig (That area is deep. The current is also strong there),” he said.

Paypa instructed the members of the barangay disaster coordinating council to check the area from time to time to prevent a similar incident.