HE is as dead as the man whose name he tattooed on his chest.

Allan Ygot, 45, who has the name of Cebu’s biggest drug lord Jeffrey “Jaguar” Diaz tattooed on his chest, was shot dead on Katipunan St., Barangay Labangon yesterday dawn.

PO2 Nemecio Dinopol, of the Homicide Section, said Ygot was walking on the street with a backpack slung in front of him when attacked at 12:30 a.m.

Naglakaw ra ni siya unya giatngan, dayon gipusil sa iyang likod. Nisuway og sukol pero nikagar iyang pusil (He was just walking when the gunman who was waiting for him in a dark corner shot him from behind. He tried to shoot back but his gun conked out),” Dinopol said.

The unidentified gunman let Ygot pass him by before shooting him from behind. Ygot tried to run and pulled out a gun from his backpack but the gun failed to fire.

Ygot fell to the ground and his gun was thrown away. The assailant then took Ygot’s gun and fired it at the victim. This time the gun worked.

The assailant then left the area calmly, heading back to the dark portion of the road where he came from.


Ygot succumbed to several gunshot wounds.

Dinopol said they are investigating why Ygot was in the area at that hour bringing a gun.

Susihon pa ni nato nganong gadala ni siyag armas nga high-powered. Ni-alleged iyang live-in partner nga buotan kuno ning tawhana (We’ll still investigate why he was bringing a high-powered firearm. His live-in partner said he was a good man),” Dinopol said.

Ygot had not been arrested before, the wife told police.

Police recovered seven empty shells of caliber 9mm with four live bullets, the victim’s black backpack containing nine live bullets and a KG-9 with a magazine.


Homicide investigators are looking at the angle that Ygot’s death was drug-related because of the “JAGGY DIAZ” tattoo.

He is the second victim who had a DIAZ tattoo killed by unidentified gunmen.

Last Friday, Joe-art Diaz, 28, who hails from Sitio Kamansi, Barangay Lorega San-Miguel was shot dead by an unknown gunman.

He had “DIAZ” tattoo in bold letters on his stomach.

Jaguar Diaz was killed in Las Piñas City last June 17 by operatives from Las Piñas and Cebu.

In Central Visayas, this is the 132th victim of killings by unidentified assailants.

In Mandaue City, a 39-year-old barangay employee allegedly involved in illegal drugs was also killed by unknown assailants on a motorcycle in Barangay Tabok, Mandaue City last Sunday night.

Dave Mark Velasquez, a job-order employee of Tabok Barangay Hall, was driving his motorcycle in Sitio Kamanggahan when the suspects shot him at past 9:30 p.m.

The incident was captured by a closed-circuit television camera of one of the establishments near the crime scene.

The video shows Velasquez driving his motorcycle and stopping in a corner.

When the victim was about to leave the area, two persons riding a black motorcycle arrived and shot him from behind.

The gunmen wore bonnets and helmets.

Velasquez was hit twice in the body.

PO1 Glenn Bordalba of Mandaue Police Station 3 said two empty shells of .45 pistol were recovered at the crime scene.

Authorities were told that the gunmen fled towards Consolacion.

Bordalba said that a student told them Velasquez allegedly sold illegal drugs.


Bordalba said they still have to verify this because the victim was not in the police’s drug-watch list and was not among of the drug surrenderees.

A day after, a seaman was shot by two gunmen also riding on a motorcycle in Barangay Maguikay, Mandaue City.

Almar Hatamosa, 42, was standing in the corner of MC Briones St. when the two men wearing helmets passed by and shot him several times at past 7:30 p.m. last Monday.

Senior Insp. Janelito Marquez, chief of Mandaue Police Station 4, said Hatamosa suffered gunshot wounds in the chest and abdomen.

Hatamosa was recuperating  in a private hospital in Cebu City.

Four empty shells of .45 pistol were found in the area.

Marquez said they still have to verify the motive of the incident.