THE Benguet chapter of the Philippine Red Cross is seeking more donors to sustain its blood bank.

Chapter Administrator Oscar Paris said, while some 100 units remain available in their blood bank, at least 200–300 units are required to provide blood and blood products to more patients in need.

Paris added in a bid to continue helping save lives, the PRC urged blood donors to continue giving blood to be able to provide blood to the many patients suffering from life-threatening conditions.

The PRC administrator added more information dissemination are still needed to encourage more blood donors in the province and noted

adequate blood supply can only be guaranteed through regular donations by voluntary unpaid donors, who have been identified as the safest source.

Paris added the PRC also needs to reinforce further tie-ups with local government units, non-government organizations and private civic groups for donations.

In addition, Paris added the decline of sources can be attributed to the no replacement policy of the organization wherein those who need blood are no longer required to replace the blood used from Red Cross.

The 100 units of blood available, according to Paris was taken during a recent donation drive while another will be held later this year to sustain their blood bank.

Last year, PRC-Benguet received blood from the 17,800 donors.

In the national level, from January 1 to June 13 this year, the PRC has served 132,249 blood units for a total of 90,087 patients.

PRC also supports indigent or charity patients through its Blood Samaritan Program. From January 1 to June 13, 2016, PRC National Blood Services has served a total of 7,259 charity patients and 9,453 indigent patients.