TARLAC CITY -- The Anakpawis Partylist said that Hacienda Luisita farmers need a genuine land reform that will realize the distribution of agricultural lands.

Party-list Representative Ariel "Ka Ayik" Casilao issued the statement when he joined the ocular inspection of Agrarian Reform Secretary Rafael "Ka Paeng" Mariano in Hacienda Luisita recently.

Casilao asserted that “a new agrarian reform program is needed akin to House Bill No. 555 or Genuine Agrarian Reform Bill that pushes for free distribution of land.”

"Imagine if Hacienda Luisita lands are not distributed free of charge to the farmers and be taken aback by the Cojuangcos, it would be an epitome of social injustice in the country," Casilao said during the activity.

Casilao and the other lawmakers under the Makabayan bloc are the principal authors of HB 555.

Aside from free distribution of lands, GARB proposes programs for rural development on the context of protecting the farmers’ rights on the land.

GARB bans conversion of agricultural lands to other uses and aims to “Filipinize” foreign agro-corporations that control lands.

It also pushes for the take-over of "sullied landholdings" or lands grabbed through fraudulent or coercive means, in order to be distributed to farmers.

"We urge President Duterte to certify GARB as urgent and House members to support this bill," Casilao said.

"As part of the peace-building efforts of the Duterte presidency, a radical land reform program, opposite to the dead sham CARP, is a must, not just for the Luisita farmers, but for the benefit of the 55 percent of the population based in the countryside," he added.