KERWIN Espinosa’s ex-wife, Annalou Llaguno, was the one contacted by Jeffrey “Jaguar” Diaz’s family in Las Piñas City to facilitate his burial in Cebu last June.

She was also wedded to Espinosa, as confirmed by her relatives to the police, inside the Bagong Buhay Rehabilitation Center (BBRC), which was now the Cebu City Jail.

“Estorya sa iyang igsoon, didto sila gikasal sa BBRC sa time nga napriso pa si Kerwin. Pero niana sila nga fake ra ang kasal unya dili sila ka confirm kung legal ba kay wala man sila makatambong (Her brothers and sisters said they were married in BBRC at the time when Kerwin was imprisoned there, but they cannot confirm if it was a fake marriage as they did not attend the ceremony),” PO3 Cristobal Geronimo of the Homicide section told Cebu.

Now, her family is puzzled who killed her last Friday.

According to Geronimo, they are looking at many angles in the investigation.


He said a relative alleged that the victim was carrying a bag with P200,000 inside before she was ambushed on Carlock St. Barangay Duljo-Fatima last Friday. The money was from her jewelry business, her lending business and six-room apartment.

“Wala sila’y knowledge og unsay lakaw aning ilang manghod kay dili man ni magpahibawo nila. Sila mismo wala kaayo sila kaila sa ilang igsoon kay medyo gahion sad kunog ulo (They don’t have knowledge about their sister because she wouldn’t tell them about her activities. They said they they didn’t really know their sister that well because she could be stubborn),” Geronimo said.


But John Joseph Romarate, the victim’s boyfriend when she died and the driver of the scooter when she was killed, said Llaguno had with her only a take-out meal for her niece in school.

He said he now fears for his life because he believes Llaguno’s relatives blamed him for what happened to the victim.

“Naproblema ko kay basin ako ilang I-blame ba sa panghitabo kay ako man iyang kuyog (I am troubled because they might blame me for what happened because she was with me),” he said.

“Dili ko motagad kay feel nako dili sila kauyon nako (I don’t talk to them because I feel they wouldn’t like me),” he said.

Romarate and Llaguno had been in a relationship for a month. Romarate knew she was Espinosa’s ex-wife.

Espinosa is a suspected drug lord who operates in Eastern Visayas and remains at large.

Romarate said he was afraid because of Llaguno’s affiliation with the “drug lord.” He and Llaguno were childhood friends. They became lovers despite the nine-year gap.

Llaguno was 30 when she died. She hailed from Barangay Sambag I. Romarate is 21 and is from Barangay Pasil.

Police recovered four empty shells of caliber .45 at the crime scene.

Romarate said he saw the face of the gunman but doubts if he could still remember him if he sees him again.

He said Llaguno was a businesswoman but was not into the drug trade.

“Naguol ko kay di ko kita niya didto sa bilar siyempre kay init kaayo iyang mga paryente nako (I’m sad that I couldn’t see her one last time because her relatives are angry at me),” he said.


He is taking shelter at Camp Sotero Cabahug. He had assured the police he will reveal any information that can help solve the case.

Camp Crame is monitoring the case and has contacted the Regional Operations and Plans Division (ROPD) about it.

On the other hand, Geronimo said Llaguno’s relationship with Diaz’s family is not hostile as she was the one whom they called to facilitate his burial in Barangay Duljo-Fatima.

She was believed to be living with Diaz in Las Piñas City before he was killed last June 17 by operatives.

Regional Director Noli Taliño, in an earlier report, confirmed that she also became Diaz’s girlfriend.

Investigators are open to any information that can pinpoint what exactly was the motive behind Llaguno’s death and who killed her.

Her remains lay at the Cosmopolitan Funeral Homes.

She was the niece of slain ‘drug lord’ Cresostomo “Tata Negro” Llaguno, who ran for Cebu City councilor in 2010 and was shot dead during a campaign sortie.