THE Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has warned the public against patronizing an unregistered drug product claiming to be capable of providing long lasting snoring relief.

In an advisory, the FDA warned the public against consuming "Good Niter Anti-Snoring Mouthspray", which is currently being sold online.

"All healthcare professionals and the general public are hereby warned to be vigilant of the abovementioned unregistered drug product," said the FDA.

It explained that product evaluation, registration, and testing are measures that the government undertakes to ensure the quality, safety, and efficacy of health products.

"(Being unregistered) poses potential danger or injury to the consuming public," said the FDA.

The health agency noted how said drug product is being sold online and is being promoted to have an immediate action and long-lasting snoring relief.

Instead of patronizing such products, the FDA said it would be good if all consumers are to purchase their medications only from FDA-licensed establishments.

The FDA, meanwhile, warned establishments and outlets against selling and/or dispensing the said product as anyone found selling the said product will be penalized as provided by Republic Act 9711.

Officers of the Field Regulatory Operations Office (FROO) are similarly directed by the FDA to exercise their regulatory powers over the said product.

Lastly, the FDA requests that all local government units and law enforcement agencies ensure that the said product is not sold or offered for sale in their localities or area of jurisdiction. (HDT/Sunnex)