I ALREADY used this term before and I will use it again now to describe another act of this “former political has -been.” It is a German word that means pleasure derived from misfortune of others. It is a feeling of joy that comes from seeing or hearing about another person's troubles or failures. Kun title pa ni sa drama sa radyo, “Gikalipay ko ang kasakit mo.”

Upon the “order” of this “former political has-been,” some 30 students from the city's mountain barangays have been displaced after they were driven out from the City-owned condominium. The reason? They have no endorsement from their respective barangay captain.

Some of thei students’ personal belongings are still inside the condominium. Also, they were not able to study well for their final examination this week The students have been renting the condominium for P350 a month.

The new building administrator, apparently upon the order of this “former political has-been,” wants all occupants to secure endorsement from their barangay captains. But for those barangays whose barangay captains are allied with Team Rama, the students can get their endorsements from the Barangay Mayor's Office representatives.

Not only that, before a Bando Osmeña-Pundok Kauswagan (BOPK) barangay captain or BMO representatives issue an endorsement, they have to verify first if the parents of the applicant are allied with BOPK. If they are not, they will not be issued an endorsement.

Is that fair? Because of the dirty games of politics, this official is making the lives of these innocent students miserable. Grabe naman pod ni uy. Asa na man ang kasingkasing, balatian ug pagpakabana aning maong tawo ngadto sa atong nga estudyante nga mga anak og mga kabus gikan sa bukid? Despite the family's limited income and resources, the parents of these students sacrificed themselves to send their children here in the city just to earn a college education. But instead of helping them, this public official is the one making their lives miserable.

When asked for comment by reporters, this “former political has-been” simply said, “They can go to court and sue.” Is this the kind of attitude he is showing to the Cebuanos who elected him again? Sus, sinalbahis naman ni. Kining gaba ra ba di ni magsaba.


Here's a concern from a retired priest about the proposed creation of a new international port in the Consolacion corridor:

“My name is Fr. Chito Palang. I am a retired Catholic priest and a resident of Consolacion, Cebu. Just like all residents of the town and a true Cebuano I only want the best (in terms of economic progress, education, peace and order) for our community in particular and for the whole Cebu province and the country in general.

“I am writing to know the real story and the objective truth about the planned New Cebu International Container Port to be built in Tayud, Consolacion, Cebu. How come the Cebu Port Authority (CPA) and Consolacion’s elected officials (Mayor Teresa Alegado) are not on the same page?

“I am on the impression that the CPA, based on the public statements made by the GM Edmund Tan, is opposing the joint venture agreement. He was quoted as saying that it's politics, politics, politics. Everytime I read a newspaper article I always keep an open mind and refrain from passing any judgment because the whole truth is never written and publicized.

“Bobby, I am asking for your help to bring this issue before the public. Help all Filipino-loving citizens know and understand the whole story and the objective truth. Such a big project should be supported by all sectors for this will benefit the whole country.

“Please help me understand. Let's build this huge project in the right way. If there is divisiveness this project will just be delayed furthermore.

“Thank you, Bobby. I admire you for your journalistic honesty, integrity, courage and objectivity about many issues confronting our society. I wish you many more success in your chosen profession.”

Well taken, Fr. Chito.