WOMEN by nature are dainty, fragile and are easily hurt. That was the concept of old. Maybe due to the lack of physical strength, we are still thought of as fragile. After years of being thought of as weak, we have gone out of our protective shells and have proven to our male counterparts that we can be strong, productive, organized, intelligent etc.

I am paying tribute to the late Miriam Defensor-Santiago for the woman that she was. So much has been said about her academic and political accomplishments. What I admire most was her zest for life, her ability to laugh at herself first and her penchant at poking fun at people whose antics in government she did not approve of. Her choice of words often hit the nail on the head and because most of the time she was right, even her colleagues would let her be herself and not mess with her.

Her fight against cancer and her willingness to do everything to prolong life and serve her country are inspiring. We know that she was charming and gracious to the people she cared for. She loved the young people and our young knew it.

Filling her shoes will be a hard task.

We now have a number of strong women like our ombudsman, our vice president, among others, who not only are known for their principles but are known for their tact and proper decorum.

Our writers and reporters who handle topics that are controversial have been known to speak out and to monitor what could be false and “below the belt” happenings.

We have often heard the phrase, “the woman behind the throne” or the “feisty lady.” Today we are expected to be a lady at all times and to defend our own against bullies whether they may be men or women.

Our society has gotten used to hearing about sex videos. What I wish would stop would be the showing of sex videos even if the demand for showing is excused as “needed evidence to prove the truth.” What a lousy excuse to degrade anyone.

Why in the world should we women allow such a showing of any sex video? Have our men demoted themselves to such a state of depravity?

In the past, whenever the existence of a video tape of a celebrity was rumored to be floating around, some of our male friends would inadvertently let it slip that they saw the tape.

I believe it is up to us women to show our disapproval, our dislike for such boasting.

Is viewing pornographic material something to boast about? Have we come to this?