CITY OF SAN FERNANDO -- City Government officials will be monitoring the tilbury race at 2:00 p.m. Sunday after it banned gambling and excessive betting in the annual activity.

The race, which is part of the Pyestang Fernandino festivities, is held along Capitol Boulevard and is participated in by tilbury owners from all over Pampanga and some from Manila and nearby provinces.

But earlier, city officials received reports that the race has been a venue for gambling, with bets ranging from P500 to as high as P10,000 for main event races.

"We will put a stop to it because even if the Pyestang Fernandino tilbury race is classified as sports and a fiesta highlight, we cannot allow gamblers to do away the cultural aspect of the event through excessive betting," said Mayor Edwin Santiago.

He said that this year's Pyestang Fernandino is cultural in focus, and the tilbury race must not be tainted with gambling where bettors take advantage of the event for personal gains.

"We cannot allow that so we will deploy officials who will monitor the races even if they say the betting is clandestine at mahirap mahuli," Santiago said.