WHILE the “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” campaign became a popular one, it may not have been very effective in attracting tourists to visit the country, a study by AGB Nielsen has shown.

The study conducted among foreign tourists from March to April this year showed that a majority of the respondents liked the slogan but only a few were interested to visit the country.

The study noted that 65 percent of European respondents liked the campaign but only 26 percent had the intent to visit the Philippines.

Likewise, 72 percent of North American respondents liked the slogan but only 45 percent wanted to visit the country.

While 67 percent of respondents from Japan, Saudi Arabia, India and Australia thought the campaign was good, only 40 percent had plans to see the Philippines.

In Southeast Asia, 59 percent of the respondents liked the campaign but only 36 percent wished to come to the country.

The Department of Tourism (DOT) is set to unveil the country’s brand new slogan in January next year.

This would replace the four-year-old campaign launched during the Aquino administration.

Tourism Secretary Wanda Teo in reports said the campaign has not been able to attract more tourists to come to the country. She said she is already in talks with an advertising agency on a more effective tourism campaign.

During her visit to Cebu last August, Teo said they will keep the campaign for this year but will replace it next year.

“The campaign is working but if we could get another slogan that will entice more tourists to come, it would be better. Kasi ganun naman yan if used to na sila, so you have to look for another slogan again that will entice them to come. Another branding, another positioning,” said Teo.

Under Teo’s watch, the DOT targets to add one million foreign tourists every year to come to the country between now and 2022. This year, the DOT hopes to welcome six million foreign tourists.