Malcolm Square rehab to spur heritage

ARCHITECT Aris Go shares the design of the People’s Park will go back to the original public square filled with open spaces.

Go who lead the team from 90 Design Studio said the project is set to finish on December seeing delays because of the months of rain.

u201cWe have brought it back to what is was before,” said Go of the park adding based on research, the site hosted rallies, tallying of election result, and a Sunday market convergence.

u201cIt was a flexible space and could accommodate a variety of functions,” added the lead architect of the Malcolm Square renovation.

Go said the design of the space will now allow the flourishing of the seven surrounding buildings in the area which are all structures which denote the heritage of the city.

u201cThe area can become a heritage zone from Mido Inn to the Old Tiong San,” relates Go.

The architect added there are moves to declare the entire zone as a heritage area with the buildings and the park adding the street on the side will be open to pedestrians but not to heavy traffic while deliveries will only be allowed for the establishments and prohibiting parking in the area.

The rehabilitation of Malcom Square has foregone with enclosed spaces veering away from the old design both for security purposes and freedom of space, with the architect adding the stage of the park before had “tenants” and posed as a risk for passerbies.

Malcolm Square will have seating for those who want to lounge around the park with the usual fixtures like the shoe shine boys to be accommodated as well. The park will be lined with R11 tiles, which are designed to be non slip for safe walking using subdued muted colors of beige, white and black.

For the locals who have been hooked to the habit of chewing momma, a spitting bowl is also included.

The design of the park is described to be a wedge shape and gradual slope of the site is taken advantage by introducing a stepped surface that may function as platforms for viewing during speaker-led events and a stage for others while the space would also allow for mobile stages and setups to be fabricated anywhere within the square allowing it to be used for different purposes such as theatrical performances, concerts, fairs, Sunday markets and art exhibitions with the main square is distinctively defined by a randomly striped dark grey and white monolithic tiles, striped grass and pavers, new timber clad benches and a pedestrian street at one of the edges.

u201cThe new park will be an open space and will spur change on how we design parks for the people. This is a world class park in the city.” Go said.

The architect, son of Baguio Representative Mark Go, said his services as well as that of the studio is free of charge, offering their expertise in keeping in tune with change sought for during the political campaign.

u201cThe change has to start with us, we decided to take on this risk,” adding he is aware he has inadvertently opened himself to the scrutiny of the public.

The project was bidded out to RAJ Construction and worth P10 million.


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