RESIDENTS may be asked to carry whistles for their own safety.

Councilor Mayleen Yaranon is advocating each resident to have with them safety whistles in case of emergency to call out for help.

“Earthquakes, floods and fires create situations where you become trapped inside a building and unable to escape, blowing a whistle gets you heard over the roar of a building fire and found despite zero visibility caused by blocking smoke,” Yaranon said in the proposed law.

The first term councilor said in cases of emergency, a whistle can be used to alert others to call an ambulance while senior citizens and persons with disability like the deaf and mute cannot shout but can blow a safety whistle.

Yaranon said one of the safest forms of personal protection is a loud whistle.

“A whistle cannot be turned against you like many other defense tools, criminals rely on committing their acts without drawing attention to themselves, the 120 decibel blast from a whistle lets people know you need help and deters perpetrators of abuse or violence from proceeding with their ill intent,” added Yaranon.

If the law is passed, all village chiefs will require constituents to avail of safety whistles and carry it at all times. Safety whistles will also be included in emergency and survival kits while businesess will keep extra whistles for easy access to employees.

The Department of Education will also be asked to have school heads, employees and students to have safety whistles and carry it at all times.

Programs in coordination with the City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council will also be encouraged for campus safety programs.

In the proposed law, the misuse of the whistle for pranks and alarmist purposes will be meted a fine.

The Yaranon ordinance is on its way to its third and final reading at the local council.