DIRECTOR'S Cut: (This portion features the thoughts of Atty. Alberto T. Escobarte, CESO IV, Regional Director, DepEd Region 11 to all stakeholders and recipients of the efforts to improve the basic education). "Let me assure you that in the performance of my official duties and even my private acts will be guided and guarded by my Oath of Office, The Panunumpa ng Kawani ng Gobyerno, the Philippine Constitution and all the laws that govern our actions."

- o0O0o -

Two mind-twisting and brain-squeezing weeks just a week after the conduct of the 'Best Palaro Ever' and prior to challenging task of producing the Registry of Qualified Applicants for Panabo City making sure it is fair, just, and of course in order as prescribed by DepED Order 7, s. 2015.

The only thing I can say is, 'I survived'.

It was a fully loaded Month of May. I could not imagine experiencing those days trying to balance work, family concerns, career advancement, and leveling up my educational qualification. As they say, a busy person is one who has time for everything. I may not have fully given enough time for all those concerns but I could say, I have met the basic requirements needed to fulfill all those tasks and obligations.

One thing I discovered about life that could be a lesson everyone could learn is the situation of not succumbing to pressures. I just always put in my mind to submit to God my human frailties so that he could provide me His Divine powers to lift me up especially in situations when I was down.

I just did the right thing. I looked at those deliverables. I took the tasks that I needed to do by myself because no one could replace me to do them and tried to delegate those which could be given to others without hampering the operations of the office. All of those decisions were made after my talk with my immediate superior who has given her full support. I salute you for that. I also appreciated much the people in the office who helped lighten my burden by working to the best of their knowledge and skills sharing with me the virtues of fairness with compassion.

I also would like to thank all the people who shared with us their time, wisdom and wide experiences to guide us and give us direction on what to do and how to do things we needed in this stage of our career. Of course, the new breed of leaders and my companions to the next level, you all provide the needed strength we need to support each other. The group I called 'the survivors', we deserve this stage where we have a year to reap the fruits of our labor.

I am doing all of these because I have a family who I owe much for having reached this far. Without your support, understanding, and prayers, I could not have even walk a bit.

To the organization that I belong, the Department of Education, I hope to serve you and the very reason we exist, the learners, in whatever God will lead me as events that can change the landscape of my career. I am keeping my options open. But I am firm that I am ready and will always work to the best of my knowledge, skills, attitudes and values for the 21st century education.

To God be the glory!

- o0O0o -

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