RENOWNED architect and urban planner Felino Palafox during the presentation to local officials, business and other sectors group in Pampanga during the province’s megalopolis plan, urged the transfer of Malacañang and national government offices to Clark primarily to decongest Metro Manila.

During Palafox’s presentation, he said that he plans for a Pampanga Megalopolis which envisions a Pampanga Growth Triangle that covers the City of San Fernando and the Lubao development corridor, towards Subic and Bataan and the Clark and Angeles growth area.

Her added that urban growth centers outside Metro Manila would solve various metropolis’ problems, such as traffic congestion, housing shortage, flooding, disaster vulnerability and others.

Architect Palafox is talking sense. This would not only further develop Pampanga and other parts of Central Luzon but will significantly solve Metro Manila’s problems including congestion. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone.

Palafox has been heard in various places even abroad. He is an expert in urban planning and urban development forecasting. If only he will be heard by the national government, Metro Manila’s congestion and other problems will be solved in due time.


Speaking of Clark, the Clark International Airport (CRK) has been included in the list of the best airports in Asia landing on the 15th spot among the 30 airports for the year 2016.

According to the website www., they asked travellers to rate airports based on their overall airport experience. This includes traveller-respondents ranking on comfort provided by rest areas, services, facilities and things to do, food options, immigration and security, customer service and cleanliness.

Sadly, the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) has been adjudged as 10th among the worst airports in Asia for the same year.

We can see the comparison between the two international airports in terms of their services and the facilities. Perhaps, what made the Naia among the worst again, is the bullet-planting scam that was perpetrated by corrupt airport security personnel.

The scam gained notoriety and international attention as travellers going through the country’s supposed premier airport were planted with bullets in their baggage in exchange of money to avoid the hassles of being left by airlines or being delayed with flights.


Still on Clark, the Clark Investors and Locators Association (CILA) gave its commendation to public utility vehicles plying inside the Clark Freeport for their low fares. The said low fares provide a little help to low-salaried workers inside Clark who have the hard time to make both ends meet.

The minimum fare inside Clark is pegged at P6.50 for the first four kilometers as compared to P7.00 outside the Freeport. The low fares exacted from jeepney passengers were approved by the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB), the Clark Development Corporation (CDC) and the public transport associations.

The commendation is worth it.


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