A 30-YEAR-OLD poultry farm worker bled to death after he was shot and stabbed along the highway at 6:00 a.m., Tuesday, October 25, Barangay Balubal, Cagayan de Oro City.

Police identified the victim as Arman Del Puerto, a laborer of a poultry farm.

Chief Inspector Ian Borinaga, Police Station 6 chief, said the victim sustained gunshot wounds on the head and back portion of his body from an unknown firearm and sustained a lone stab wound on his left chest.

Del Puerto’s remains was discovered by residents who alerted the police.

Police found no evidences at the crime scene that may lead to the suspect.

The motive of the incident is yet to be determined but authorities said Del Puerto may have been killed because of a "personal" grudge.

Borinaga said the victim was in conflict with an unidentified man living nearby and was said to have received threats three weeks prior to his death.

"Dili siya involved sa drugs naay information nga nakaengkwentro ni siya ug gibaharan nga balusan. So personal nga angle among gitutokan karon," Borinaga said.

"Prior sa incident nag-inom pa ni siya sa iyang papa unya gipapauli na dayon. Ingon pud ang anak nga nilakaw pa iyang papa then wala na makabalik," Borinaga added.

Borinaga urged residents who witnessed or has knowledge on the incident to come out and to report to the authorities.

"Walay witness nga mitumaw and walay evidence nga atong nakita sa crime scene nga mo link sa suspect," Borinaga said.

Police personnel from Police Station 2 are going after the suspects who stabbed to death a rickshaw driver identified as Louie Abellanosa, 25, at Cogon area, Monday night, October 24.

Initial investigation said that the victim sustained deep wounds on the stomach after three suspects attacked and stabbed him.

Police said the suspects stabbed the victim after the latter reprimanded the suspects for being rowdy while he was sleeping.