LA TRINIDAD Cut-flower Ornamental Growers Association (Latcoga) assured the public enough supply of cut flowers during the All Saints' Day and All Souls' Day.

Latcoga has also opened their 24-hour selling, distribution, and of cut-flowers and ornamental plants until November 1.

Association President Andy Colte has asked Mayor Romeo Salda permission to sell cut-flowers at the public market.

Colte said almost 90 cut-flower booths will showcase cut-flowers coming from Alno, Alapang, Ambiong, Bineng, Bahong, Beckel, Bahong, Lubas, Tawang, and Pico while potted flowers will come from Puguis, Shilan, Balili, Poblacion, Cruz and Betag, La Trinidad.

Colte said, the cut-flower industry was not affected by Super Typhoon "Lawin". Only green houses were destroyed during the past typhoon and only few flowers were affected.

Meanwhile, Bahong Captain Belmer Elis confirmed flower produce remains abundant after reports from the 2,000 flower growers.

Despite the ample supply, prices are expected to rise as the All Saint’s and All Soul’s Day comes close.

As of October 26, Rebecca Dispa of the Cut-flowers association said radus flower of AA class is sold at 100 pesos per bundle (2 dozens); long stem at P70-P80; medium size at P60-P70 while short stems are sold at P40-P50. She said prices will vary during the peak days which may add up to 20 to 50 pesos in its current price.

Malaysian mums range from P20 to 100 pesos but may increase up to 150 pesos per bundle. Anthurium sold by the dozen is at P30 to P120 pesos from short to XL sizes.

Asters were priced at P30 to P50 pesos per bundle while roses are sold at P250 to P350 per bundle depending on it stem length.

Dispa said that few roses might be delivered this time causing its price to increase during the All Saints Day and All Souls Day. Potted flowers are sold from P35 to P250.

Colte added during the past days, only eight trucks a day travel to Manila delivering 70 to 120 boxes (containing 55 dozens each) of cut-flowers.

La Trinidad supplies flowers to Ilocos, Metro Manila, and the Bicol regions.

Flowers are planted at least four months before the peak periods like Valentine’s Day, All Saints Day, and Christmas Day.

Delivery however has doubled this week and they are expecting to triple as the long weekend celebration take place.