THE Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) Family Savings Bank, in an event dubbed Reconnect last October 25, linked various real estate stakeholders with BPI Family Savings Bank.

“Make your dreams today rather than tomorrow, sooner than later, and later rather than latter,” said Dennis Fronda, Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) vice president and area head for Visayas and Mindanao.

The event was not about selling, rather, it was all about brokers’ circle fasten together to re-establish communication bonds.

“To reconnect with our partner brokers and we have invited a few clients here. If you notice, it is not really a selling event. Parang, we’re here to promote holistic benefit for the benefit of the brokers. So, we invited guest speaker to talk on motivational speech – to motivate our brokers,” said Fronda adding several activities were conducted already in Cagayan de Oro since January.

There was also an awarding of top sellers in BPIs real estate connection.

Meredie Sanchez ranked as the 3rd top seller earning around P5.4 million, Ma. Lourdes Escarte, the 2nd top seller earning around P6 million.

Abegail Saab ranked as the top seller of the year earning P 7.3 million.

BPI has also lined up its activities for brokers.

“The brokers’ circle annual event is about to recognize brokers who gave us business during the previous year. Last February, we are here to have an annual event to recognize the performance of our brokers. Summer then, we have our sports fest for the brokers also,” Fronda said.

BPI also invited Marianne Mencias, a sought-after inspirational speaker. She is the author of the book “What’s Your Life’s Masterpiece.”

In her speech, she said every moment is a moment of choice adding, the rest of your life could be the best of your life.

To her, anyone can be successful – with the right mindset, right instrument and right relationships.

“I really believe that Filipinos are world-class and every single person for that matter. But the only way to really make the impact that you’re meant to make is to be true to your design. So ask your maker, ask God what he wants to accomplish through you and do that,” Mencias said.

BPI Family Savings Bank believes the success of their partner brokers is also their success. The event will help both parties to build deep and lasting relationship founded with trust and respect, officials said.

“For BPI, it is actually to create stickiness with the brokers, to closer relationship. If you notice, we really did not really sell anything here. We just invited them to come around,” Fronda said.

It is the purpose of BPI Family Savings Bank to strengthen their position as the leading bank for consumer’s loan. Different people have different hopes, dreams and aspirations. BPI makes the best happen in an easier way to everyone.

Those who dream of having a car, you can shop for your dream car with speed and ease. You can choose your dream home that will best suit your needs. You can also find the tools to start and grow your business today and you can also get that cash for your immediate needs. “Ang pangarap mong tuparin noon, tuparin mo na ngayon.”

“First of all, we’re here to thank them for continuing to do business with BPI Family Bank, for supporting us. Kasi, as they grow, as they progress, BPI Bank also grows and progress. As for both – the bank and the brokers grow; it means that we’re helping a lot of Kagay-anons have their own dream homes,” Fronda said in his message for the brokers.

Since the bank’s founding 165 years ago, BPI has been serving the Filipinos with their consumer banking and lending, asset management, insurance, securities brokerage and distribution, foreign exchange, leasing, and corporate and investment banking.

“Actually, because of CDO’s road, we are adding more branches – both BPI and BPI Family Bank dito sa area. Sa Iligan magkakaroon na tayo ng BPI Family Bank branch pati sa Butuan and Surigao area. I think, dito sa CDO, may isa na tayong BPI Family Bank, but we are planning to put up more branches,” Fronda said.

The said event was organized to personally thank BPI’s partner brokers and acknowledge the top sellers of the year. The guest speaker herself did her part on motivating the brokers more to aim success at hand. She said that even successful people feel miserable and unhappy. That is because, they are not living their true purpose. One must follow God’s will, because if it’s God’s will, it is not forced. Lastly, she shared this GIGO principle which means: Garbage In, Garbage Out; Greatness In, Greatness Out.

“For BPI and BPI Family Bank, we always try to make the best happen. We make the best happen for our partner brokers and we make the best happen for our clients. For brokers, of course they get commission whenever they sell a property. When they refer an account, we give them an additional incentive. On top of that pagka nag-accumulate sila ng maraming referrals, we give quarterly rewards and annual rewards din,” Fronda said.