A P300,000 BOUNTY has been raised by the Korean community to solve the murder of Jeon Jun “Henry” Seo.

Mayor Mauricio Domogan has denounced the murder and lamented the close-knit Korean community has regarded the city as their safe retirement haven.

“It is very unfortunate, We have been talking to the South Korean consul,” said Domogan.

The bounty has been culled from the Korean community in the city which now number by the thousands composed of retirees, businessmen and students.

Seo with his companion Chris Joy Dichoso Jerez were inside their vehicle in Upper Pinget, Saturday, October 29, when still unidentified gunmen fired at the couple several times.

The Korean national did not survive the attack while Jerez is recovering from injuries.

Seo and Jerez were rushed by concerned citizens to the Pines City Doctors Hospital where the Korean national was declared dead on arrival due to multiple gunshot wounds.

Scene of the Crime Operatives recovered five spent shells of a calibre .45 pistol at the scene.

Domogan said the 51-year old businessman has been said to be dealing with a host of nationalities in his ventures to which the police are looking into.

The mayor said the National Bureau of Investigation is also investigating the murder of Seo.

Since 2008, Baguio has seen the coming of over 5,000 Korean national annually for study, business and retirement.

Years ago Bureau of Immigration has pegged the Korean population to reach 3,341 and growing with transient visitors reaching 3,000 and 4,000 per week during the peak travel season.

For Koreans, English proficiency is an essential to qualify for entrance exams for the University of Seoul, which guarantees a good job in big companies there. Local schools and universities have at least 2,000 Koreans each not counting the various schools and tutorial centers that have mushroomed in the city.