MAYOR Mauricio Domogan questioned the leadership of the Baguio City Police Office (BCPO) regarding their report there are no gambling activities in the Kayang bingo-cum-drop-ball den, saying he continues to receive reports on the round-the-clock operation of the gambling joint.

The local chief executive pointed out the police force must immediately close the gambling joint since its alleged illegal operation is already public knowledge which is located in the loading area for public utility jeepneys.

Domogan said people have been reporting to him the existence of illegal gambling activities in the area.

“We hope the police will do their homework. We do not need to constantly remind them of their duty to stop illegal gambling activities. They should do their job well to avoid public suspicion of their involvement in illegal gambling activities in the city,” Domogan stressed.

Earlier, concerned citizens questioned the inability of the local police force to close the illegal gambling joint, saying its round-the-clock operation just a few meters away from the BCPO headquarters right in front of the very noses of the police only means that its operators are untouchable.

The Kayang gambling joint is allegedly operated by a certain Toyoy and Tudal, who are reportedly townmates, who want to take over all other bingo joints in the city and operate these in a centralized manner because they allegedly enjoy the blessings of a top city police official who just assumed office.

Domogan said he is wondering why former police officials were able to close the operation of the Kayang bingo-and-rope-ball den while present police officials cannot do so, thus, the need for them to work double time to stop the complaints from the public on the proliferation of the gambling joint right in a public place.

The mayor explained purely bingo as fund raising activity for certain barangays is allowed under the provisions of the Local Government Code but the problem is the enterprising operators tend to venture on drop ball and other amusement games using the bingo operation as their cover to generate added resources.

Domogan claimed the police must do something about the persistent reports from the public on the existence of illegal gambling activities in the Kayang bingo-cum-drop ball joint to put an end to the public perception that local and police officials might be protecting such illegal operations, which is not true.

The chief executive appealed to the public to continue bringing to the attention of city officials their concerns in their respective areas so that concerned officials will be instructed to act on their problems the soonest. (Dexter See/PIO)