Catajan: Love in the time of naysayers and soothsayers

THE sons and daughters of mythology have fallen for tales of love and romance in ancient lands laced with adventure and mystery, which battle the fields of good versus evil.

The stories of mythology have captured the imagination of many who take to heart the tales of the Greeks and Romans, but that was before social media killed the excitement over books, today we battle a different playing field filled with naysayers and soothsayers.

One of my favourite reads is the mystic place of Delphi described to be an ancient area in Greece, always important in the stories of mythology, but today, the battle field of good and evil take place in a virtual world created men who thought it best to take into the worldwide web social relations.

In my favourite myths, Ancient Greeks believed that Delphi was the centre of the Earth and what makes Delphi extra special especially to the curious is the Oracle, famous throughout ancient Greece for its knowledge with people flocking to seek advice.

The Oracle could was considered the voice of the gods of the ancient world and was revered as it was feared; great stories have revolved around what the oracles would reveal, anticipating its commands as well as its limitations, nowadays our oracles come in all forms, from the weirdo’s to the seemingly normal, it’s anybody’s guess.

In the ancient times, there are soothsayers would try to look into the future and appease the souls of those who want to have a sneak peak at what is to come, for those who can’t wait, today, we rely on status updates for a whiff of the future to calculate what is to happen and to have a sound guess on what is right.

Those opposing the hulabalu were called naysayers, the opposition of the ancient, the stumbling block of the correct, but today, they are called trolls.

In the urban dictionary a troll is one who posts a deliberately provocative message to a newsgroup or message board with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument.

Have you been trolled? I hope not, it’s a battle of patience and will not to give in to the basic instinct to fight back... it make you want to go Zen.

From the classic oracles to the now dreaded trolls, what have we become?

I will find my battered Edith Hamilton and make it my bible for an everyday breather.


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