Tinabu-ay Titanium

THE municipality of Murcia is prepping up for a grand celebration starting November 29, as the town marks the 20th year of its annual harvest festival.

u201cTinabu-ay sa Murcia” is a harvest festival in honor of the town's patron saint, the highly revered Immaculate Conception, thus concluding on its feast day, December 8.

The town's festival dance is attracting more attention after its recent back to back win in the highly-contested Festival Dance Competition during the annual “Panaad sa Negros Festival.”

For a grand showcase of Negros Occidental's "best of the best" fiesta dances, Murcia's entry emerging as champion and defeating big scale and flamboyant presentations is a great come on for tourists to discover what is it all about.

Thus, all roads will once again lead to the iconic Plaza Publica of Murcia for people to rediscover its charming countenance it has been aptly known for.

Apart from roads leading to the festival site, it's this time of the year when revelers get to experience Murcia's culture of hospitality that usually starts with households opening its doors for anyone who would want to partake a grand feast from a year of great harvest.

Like the more popular pearl, silver, golden and diamond celebrations marking milestones in decades, Tinabu-ay Titanium will highlight the efforts of every town dweller to succeed in life, thus, bannering this year's theme as "20 Years of Highlighting our People's Strength."

What a fitting way to glorify the efforts of her people who strives to earn decently, whether situated in its emerging economic zones or enjoying the vast wonders of nature in the uplands of Murcia.

One of the icons to compliment the theme is world boxing champion Donnie "Ahas" Nietes who has been very vocal on the kind of pride he takes being a native of the quaint town. Few months ago, a monument was stood in his honor at the very heart of the public plaza, a forging testament of love of Murciahanos for their idol, "Ahas."

For the opening night, organizers have mounted a 1:30 hours cultural presentation that would show the life in Murcia. Dubbed as "Titanium in Motion," it will include performances from local dance companies, students and festival dancers. Multi-awarded Poseidon dance group headed by sought after choreographer Danny Valle will showcase their talent in three segments, all depicting religiosity, adornment for nature and environmental protection.

These are the core projects of the local government, given that highlands in Murcia are home to a diversity of flora and fauna, and its weather is greatly compatible in breeding fighting cocks. The local coffers greatly attribute its economic success to cock breeding as it attracts investors and provides jobs for the people.

The nonstop showcase of talent on the evening of November 29 will signal the opening of "institutional" events like the annual Farmers and Agriculture Fair, the Light a Tree program of the Municipal Tourism Office, a wide selection of local gastronomic delights in a Food Fair, among others.

Art and music have always been a part of the celebration, thus, local artists and students have their own spots as well.

There are many fiestas to look forward for this Christmas season. In many parts of Negros, people are not only busy in adorning their homes with Christmas decors but are also preparing for local fiestas and celebrations.

Just like in Murcia, alongside with transforming the plaza into a Christmas spot, the covered court is also being refurbished in time for Tinabu-ay Titanium. Busy but merry days ahead indeed!


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