TALISAY City Mayor Eduardo Gullas believes that the election of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States (US) would mean bad tidings for Filipinos here and abroad.

In a press conference yesterday, Gullas said he was surprised that the Americans chose the Republican candidate over Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

“When he first ran for president (1999), the Americans have never given Trump a chance. Based on recent polls, Clinton was more popular,” Gullas said.

The mayor, who has a granddaughter and two great grandchildren living in California, admitted he is worried for the Filipinos currently living in the US because of Trump’s anti-immigration policies.

As of 2010, more than 3.4 million Filipinos already lived in the US, according to its census bureau.

Gullas also said that Trump’s victory could mean trouble for the relations between the US and the Philippines, considering that President Rodrigo Duterte is not in favor of any US intervention in the Philippine soil.

Historically, Gullas said US presidents aligned with the Democratic Party are keen in assisting the Philippines than those identified with the Republican Party.

“We are often prejudiced whenever a Republican president sits at the White House,” he said.

After it was announced that Trump won the US elections, Duterte, had immediately congratulated him and hoped for a better US-PH relations.