THREE more patients suffering from kidney failure have asked their urgent need for support to be able to go on with their expensive, life-time dialysis treatment, thereby accenting on the alarming increase of such illness hereabouts.

Their appeal, the latest among several requests for media exposure so Samaritans out there could reach out to them, comes on the heels of the opening of several dialysis centers in the city to address the growing number of patients seeking thrice- or twice-a-week blood-cleansing sessions to survive.

The appeal for support this week comes from Lolita Buban, 68, who is hospital-confined but had not been on dialysis for a week for lack of funds; Petra Colalong, 69 of Sagada, Mt. Province; and Bryan Kelly Becaca, 20, of Luneta, Loacan, Itogon, Benguet.

Buban, through a relative, said she has been hospitalized since the October 5 and since then had to skip her three-a-week hemodialysis, unable to raise at least P2,200, the cost of one treatment.

People out there who can help Buban may get in touch with her by dialing her cellphone number: 09123273802 or visit her at the BGHMC.

In her letter-appeal, Colalong’s daughter Aida said she and a brother are in no position to fund their mother’s continuous treatment as they both have their own families to raise.

The patient can be contacted through cellphone number 09302600300.

Bryan and his six sisters rely solely on the limited laborer’s income of their father for their subsistence, prompting him to appeal to Samaritans: “I’m knocking on you kind heart to help me on my financial needs to use for my dialysis and medicines to prolong my life”.

Becaca can be reached through cellphone number 09466603344.

People who can help may course their support by paying a treatment session or two at the BGHMC dialysis center or in the case of Becaca, at the B/Braun Dialysis Center beside the Baguio Medical Center.