EVEN without surgery, one can now experience a dramatic improvement and even cure on health concerns such as diabetes, cancer, HIV, and cardiovascular diseases. This is through the stem cell technology and telomere science.

Dr. Marc Lavaro Jr., an expert on general & ocular oncology, general & ocular pharmacology, pediatric ophthalmic medicine, and Science of Epigenetics said these new technology are considered as breakthrough which repairs and rejuvenates the cells.

Lavaro, head of a molecular biology research in Gifu Prefecture, Japan and Osato Research Institute, Tokyo Japan stressed that stem cell is a kind of cell that can duplicate all kinds of cell which is why it can repair a damaged heart for instance.

In his book entitled 278+ Growth Factors which he is set to publish, he also mentioned that there are also certain organs which do not regenerate like the heart and brain but through stem cells it can revitalize.

Growth factors are stem cell stimulators that address medical conditions including diseases. Each growth factor is equivalent to 1 disease. For example, in a tumor kidney problem, stem cells produce growth factors to combat it.

Another technology is the telomere science under science of Epigenetics. Telomere is part of the chromosome and it protects it. It is responsible for the cell division and daily produces new cell to replace the dead cells.

“Ang cell natin is designed to last forever but and pag-ikli ng telomere ang cause of sickness. Pero pwede na siyang marepair. Activator enzyme siya kaya reverse telomere rejuvenate cell,” Lavaro explained.

The good news is the stem technology is now in the market and it comes in the form of liquid gel, capsule, and syrup. This is produced by Jeunesse , an exclusive patent pending stem cell technology advance technology, science of epigenetics, and stem cell science technology. It is also cheaper compared to the old stem technology wherein one has to pay for at least 700,000 to more than one million pesos per shot.

Jeunesse is a product of medical research conducted by Dr. Nathan Newman, the father of stem cell technology and world renowned for his cosmetic surgery and innovator of stem cell lift cutting edge cosmetic surgery, without cutting.

“Dapat conscious tayo sa health natin at alamin ang tinatake natin if nagwowork talaga o hype lamang ng company,” Lavaro added.

Health is wealth. These new technology that heals is important for the humanity. With the unpredictable change of environment that also contributes to occurrence of diseases it is but right to know how to combat it and remain healthy with the aid of new technology.

Meanwhile, March 26 is a special day for me because it is my father’s birthday. Belated happy birthday to my dad Eugenio “Waldo” Sungduan!

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