WHAT do I give you this Christmas?

It’s the most asked question this season, every year during this time in fact.

We do our best to be creative and outdo ourselves with the choices we’ve made the previous yuletide season. It’s a good thing because personalizing our gifts assure us that the well-chosen items we wrap will be put to good use rather than kept in its box in a storage closet, or heaven forbid, recycled. It’s a nightmare to receive the same type of present you gave away some time ago.

So we always keep in mind what friends and family will enjoy most by having stuff other than the fruitcake (mind you, it’s making a comeback) and other items that guarantee a smile of content.

If you haven’t completed your list yet, how about visiting T’nalak Home in Abreeza Mall? It’s the flagship store of the Tadeco Livelihood that showcases the best of locally-produced, well-designed handcrafted items for the home created by Filipino artisans.

The store’s principal products are the ones made with t’nalak, the cloth woven from abaca fibers by women from the local tribes.

From the initial popular products of placemats, the designs evolved to bigger and covetable home items like the throw pillow covers, wall panels and other furniture pieces that can strike a conversation. What’s exciting about the T’nalak Home’s display is that the collection grows by the season.

Perhaps if you’re feeling generous and want to make someone extremely happy, pick out the bigger pieces. It will surely be a striking addition to the recipient’s pad. No matter what the interior concept is, be it modern or traditional, a T’nalak Home piece will blend in, if not stand out, in the home where it finds itself in.

Otherwise, here is a list of the smaller and affordable items that won’t break the bank and can do an equally great job in making the recipient very happy.

Another good thing about the product you purchase is that it supports the local industry. Patronizing the store gives the local producers the drive to come up with more innovative designs and produce more world-class Filipino products.

Support local products and find your fantastic gift items at T’nalak Home. I guarantee you, whatever you choose to give will be a winner of a Christmas gift.

Just in case you need to see more, visit T’nalak Home at the 2nd level of Abreeza Mall. The store is a cornucopia of designer pieces.

Here’s more, they can also customize your gifts using their locally made paper. Stationary jackets and other handy office or home desk products make great gifts as well.

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