A TECHNICAL working group (TWG) has been created to inspect electric consumption as well as compliance to provisions on industrial law in all transitory sites in Zamboanga City.

The Local Inter-agency Committee (Liac) created the TWG composed of representatives from the Zamboanga City Electric Cooperative, City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office, City Mayor’s Office, City Social Welfare and Development Office, Commission on Human Rights and the Representative of the Indigenous Peoples in the City Council among others.

The creation came in view of the sudden increase in electric consumption in the transitory sites located at Sitio Masepla in the village of Mampang, east of Zamboanga City.

Councilor Jimmy Villaflores, City Council Representative in the Liac authored the resolution due to the disturbing report about electric consumption in Masepla.

The team immediately convened and inspected the Masepla transitory sites.

Villaflores said the Masepla transitory sites will be the priority of the TWG’s inspection to be followed by other transitory sites existing in the city that include those located in Lupa-lupa, Buggoc, Kasanyangan, Silsillah, Rio Hondo, PTSI in Upper Calarian, Taluksangay and Tulungatung.

All transitory sites are included in the list of sites to be inspected to prevent the further increase in electric consumption as well as to check on compliance to industrial laws.

The transitory sites houses the families displaced during the 21-day September 2013 siege when hundreds of Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) loyal to MNLF Chair Nur Misuari infiltrated Zamboanga City.

Hundreds of families remain in transitory sites since the construction of permanent shelters has yet to be completed.