MONTHS have passed and the city’s plan to take over Asin Hot Spring remains a plan for now.

City officials have been undertaking steps to take over the city owned resort in Tuba, Benguet.

It’s been three years since the Supreme Court decided to evict the operator of the city owned hot spring but Baguio officials are still a dilemma in executing the SC order.

The Supreme Court in its decision dated June 10, 2013 affirmed the Court of Appeals (CA) Decision and Resolution in CA-G.R. SP 121692 ordering Roger Sinot to immediately vacate the Asin Hot Spring Resort and pay a P5,000 monthly rental for the use and occupation thereof from December 1996 until he shall have finally vacated the same.

However, until now, Sinot is still operating the resort despite several demands for him to vacate without a mention of the supposed rental fees to be remitted to the City of Baguio.

Mayor Mauricio Domogan has already issued an order to the City General Services Office to take appropriate actions to take possession and control of the properties and ensure no other person will use the same without the authority and consent of the City Government of Baguio.

But until now, Sinot continues to operate the hot spring and has asked for more time before vacating.

The resort sits on a 4,344.23 square meter property of the city, which was earlier leased to spouses Catbagan for 20 years or until 1996.

Catbagan sub-leased it to former manager Sinot sometime in 1993.

Three years have already passed and the city government remains adamant in evicting Sinot.

Sinot is set to sit down soon as a member of the city council representing the indigenous peoples in the city.

And with that, things might just get complicated with the city in another losing proposition as eviction may drag for as long as it takes as the present lessee may invoke his right as an IP.

Indeed, three years is too long for a city to take over.