Monday July 23, 2018

CTTMO apprehends 205 jaywalkers

THERE were 205 jaywalkers who were apprehended by the City Transport and Traffic Management Office (CTTMO) on the first day of the implementation of the Anti-Jaywalking Ordinance Thursday, December 1, in Davao City.

CTTMO Executive Service Officer Charlotte Parba said most of the jaywalkers were apprehended from the road near Victoria Plaza Mall where people flock to process legal papers.

Foreign nationals who renewed their visas at the Bureau of Immigration Office and others who transacted with the National Bureau of Investigation were among those who were caught.

In an interview with one of the jaywalkers, she said she was not informed that an ordinance as such exists. She reasoned she did not notice the warnings posted within her area because she just arrived in the city from Malaysia last month.

Parba said, “We tried to inform them but right now we are currently working on the information campaign. As of this stage, there is apprehension but the nature of dealing with them is educating them first since we have not penalized them yet.”

She also said they did not collect penalties just yet but only required them to attend an orientation.

The jaywalkers would have to pay P100 while drivers will be charged P200. However, it will be upon the discretion of the traffic enforcer or member of the unit whether to charge the apprehended person with the agreed amount or if they would attend a four-hour community service.

“The intention is not really to collect revenues but to discipline them,” she said.

To further intensify their information education and communication campaign, they eye to put up information materials in airport, transport terminals and ports so that people outside Davao will be aware about the city ordinance.

Right now, selected areas being monitored are those with existing pedestrian lanes and overpasses in the city. These include Matina Crossing, Quimpo Boulevard (San Pedro extension and Almendras Gym), the intersections in J.P. Laurel Avenue (GMall Davao, Victoria Plaza, Abreeza, and the Southern Philippines Medical Center) and the intersections from G.E. Torres Street (Sandawa Road) to MacArthur Highway and Maa.

According to her with the implementation of the ordinance, Dabawenyos could apply discipline in crossing the road in a proper way.

“We are not compelling them to pay right now,” she said, adding that if they collect there must corresponding ticket in exchange.

“They should train themselves to change because it has become our culture already to cross anywhere. We address this for the welfare of our road users,” she said.