PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte will more likely tone down his rhetoric against the United States (US), following his phone conversation with US President-elect Donald Trump, a Palace official said Saturday.

"Perhaps, it will be like that," Presidential Spokesperson Ernesto Abella told state-run dzRB, when asked if Duterte would moderate his statements about the US after his talk with Trump late Friday night.

Abella, however, said the remarks of Duterte in his next speeches would still depend on the relationship and perspectives of the two leaders.

"It will still depend on the relations of the two leaders, as well as on their stance. It seems that they understand each other," the presidential spokesperson said.

"So I believe that the relationship between President Duterte and President[-elect] Donald Trump will reflect also in our relationship with America, with our nations," he added.

Duterte was able to converse with Trump on late Friday through a phone call. The dialogue between the two lasted for 10 minutes.

The President said he had told Trump that his administration seeks enhanced ties with the America.

He also said that during his talk with Trump, there seemed to have a "good rapport" between them.

Abella said Duterte and Trump may be "very strong" in their statements but they always have the "national interest at heart."

Abella said that on the part of Duterte, he only wanted to get the "right kind of responses."

"We sometimes said that our President is reckless. No, I think, what is really happening is getting the right kind of responses," Abella said.

"[Duterte's] goal is to really bring back to the Filipino people our sense of dignity and sense of sovereignty. He wants to bring back the times we don’t beg to other people," he added. (Sunnex)