THE New People's Army (NPA) on Thursday accused the military of manufacturing ‘fake rebel surenderees' as a psychological warfare to supposedly portray a peace sincerity scenario.

The rebels issued a statement which also denounced the continuing military operations, particularly in the Caraga Region areas, despite the unilateral ceasefire.

In a statement, the NPA said that the 4th Infantry Division (4ID) troops have been aggressively carrying out "psychological warfare" to the public for their own ambitions.

"The main objective of this move, however, is for Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) to be able to present achievements to make money, be promoted in rank and deceive the masses," the statement noted.

The rebels also hit the armed forces for conducting 'peace and development outreach programs' in at least 70 barrios in the area, in the guise of the Department of Social Welfare and Development's (DSWD) Pamana projects and the anti-illegal drugs campaign.

It added that the troops, who are staying at the residents' homes, are putting civilians at risk.

The military's presence is allegedly 'paralyzing' the residents' livelihood, and that curfews have been imposed thus limiting farm work.

The NPA rebels also noted that the number of illegal drug activities, gambling, robbery, immorality, pornography, and other anti-social activities have increased.

"The provocative actions and deceitful schemes of the military are clear violations of the affirmed agreements between the government and the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) under the continuing peace talks, particularly Comprehensive Agreement on Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law (CAHRIHL)," noted in their statement.

The rebels call out the government agencies to deliver the social services themselves and not through the military troops.

"We challenge the Duterte government to ensure that the AFP abide by the declared ceasefire of the GRP and pull-out military troops from civilian communities. As such, the peace talks will advance and steps to resolve the root causes of civil war in the Philippines will continue," the statement further noted.