ONE of the Chinese nationals arrested at an online gaming site in Clark, Pampanga and who were among those who recently escaped, has returned to the custody of the Bureau of Immigration (BI).

BI spokesperson Atonette Mangrobang on Sunday said Liang Kun, one of the more than 1,000 Chinese nationals arrested last November 24, returned to the custody of the BI last Friday.

According to Mangrobang, Kun left the holding facility at the Fontana convention center last Wednesday because he wanted to go outside and rest in the villa where he lived.

“It appears from his testimony that the motive for his escape was simply to get away from the discomforts of the holding facility which was overcrowded and had no sleeping provisions and return to the comforts of his own bedroom in the villa,” Mangrobang said.

Kun during his interview with the BI operatives denied allegations that the authorities allowed him to escape in exchange for bribes.

According to Mangrobang, Kun told the BI that his manager, a certain Bai Yu Lan a.k.a. Mango, had convinced him to surrender and return to the holding facility.

Meanwhile, when asked by the BI authorities if he knew the whereabouts of the 26 other escapees who are still at large, he replied he does not.

Kun was one of 57 Chinese nationals who escaped from the holding facility last Wednesday; 31 of them have already returned to BI custody and 26 remains at large.

Mangrobang said BI officials are confident that the 26 Chinese nationals would return to custody as they had nowhere to go except hide in their homes inside the Clark Freeport.

“It is better if they surrender, lest they forfeit their opportunity to air their side and present their defense while undergoing deportation proceedings before our bureau.” Mangrobang said.

The Chinese nationals were employed in an unlicensed online gambling business owned by alleged gambling lord Jack Lam. They were arrested in an operation conducted by the Bureau of Immigration and the Philippine National Police inside Fontana Leisure Park and Casino Hotel last November 24. (Sunnex)