CITY OF SAN FERNANDO---This early, the Giant Lantern Festival Foundation (GLFF) is already looking at making innovations and improvements for next year’s Giant Lantern Festival or “Ligligan Parul.”

After a successful 108th lantern festival over the weekend, GLLF President Alfrito “Bong” Mah disclosed that they are set to consult with experts on the planned innovations and improvements on the “Parul Sampernandu” or giant lanterns.

“We always think of what to improve or what innovations to introduce. Improvement is very technical. For next year, we plan to consult engineers, specifically electrical engineers on this,” he said.

Although much of the craft in making giant lanterns have been preserved, Mah said that technology is fast catching up with the industry.

“Though we preserved much of the techniques our lantern makers use in making our giant lanterns, we would like to consult experts, for example, on the use of LEDs [light emitting diodes]. Not really on the electrical installation or wirings on the lanterns but on other aspects that will keep the industry abreast with technology,” he said.

Mah furthered that the consultation with experts would focus more on crafting the guidelines regarding the innovations and improvement.

“Once we have that, we would give recognition and awards to the improvements or innovations our lantern makers would make. Because of fast paced technology, hindi natin alam na baka pati mga rotor, ma-computerize na nila,” he said.

Mah said that the GLFF would support any suggested improvements and innovations to make the “Ligligan Parul” more exciting.

“We would like to challenge them on innovations and we would support this, just to make the coming giant lantern festival successful and more exciting,” he said. (JTD)