Monday July 23, 2018

Holiday Rush: Last minute Christmas shopping plan

THERE are only four days left ‘til Christmas! Are your Christmas presents ready?

Congratulations to those who are now on a chill mode, wrapping presents. And to you, who are still on a panicky mode between completing school/office work and Christmas shopping, fret not because I got you covered with some tips and last-minute gift ideas to help you survive the remaining days.

Wednesday – December 21

Whether you are reading this article early in the morning or late at night, take this day to list all of the people that you will be giving present this year. Categorize them by gender and age brackets so you can easily pick gifts for them while in a store.

You can also categorize them by location and of course prioritize those that you will be seeing on Christmas day or your holiday break.

Suggested gift ideas per category:

-Make-up, scent and skin pampering sets. These sets usually come on sale during this season and perfect for the titas (or titos!) and teens on your list.

-Home stuff (mug, towels, plates). This is what I call the practical gift sets, those that your recipient can use and won’t make you think a lot before purchase.

-Gift certificates. When you really are in a very tight schedule, you can opt to have this instead.

Thursday and Friday – December 22 to 23

Shopping day! Malls are packed with tons of people on these days so here are some of my suggestions:

-If you can, go to the mall as it opens (usually at 10:30 a.m. here), shoppers usually flock the malls in the afternoon after work and school so better head there early to avoid the long lines.

-Shop in boutiques and specialty stores. There’s less crowd in these places, this will be a breeze if you have listed and categorized your present/gift list.

-For those living away from you and you won’t be seeing this holiday break, I suggest you do online purchases instead and send the gifts to them. Since it’s late, it may arrive after Christmas or next year but hey, it’s better late than never, right?

Saturday – December 24

Only hours before Noche Buena, if you are still not ready to pack your gifts today. Then wake up early and do the first and second tip before this. Conquer the flock of people at the malls. You can do this!

Well I hope you found this helpful. Also, let’s pinky promise that this won’t happen again, uhm, just kidding! (lol).

Advance Merry Christmas to all of you! Let us not forget Him who is the real reason for this season. Until next week!


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