Friday, September 21, 2018

Costanilla: ‘Christmas with Elvisaya and Friends’ tonight

GLOBAL. For this year’s Christmas party, the top honchos of Cebu Catholic Television Network (CCTN) channel 47 have decided that the theme of the celebration should be global. There was a little discussion as to how the theme should be executed by the employees, until it was decided that all of them have to be divided into several groups and each group assigned a particular country. It was also agreed that all participating employees should dance and sing and wear the national costume of their assigned country in presenting their respective performances. I love the concept of the entire exercise. CCTN president Nonito “Tatay Dodong” Limchua and his lovely wife Nanay Diana came to the party as Julius Caesar and Cleopatra, respectively.

CHAMPION. All the network employees did their best in front of the judges, led by retired Ombudsman for the Visayas director Virginia Palanca-Santiago, and the rest of the more than 200 spectators coming from the network’s various offices and stations across the Visayas. The CCTN news department, headed by Dennes Tabar, did a very impressive presentation about life in Tahiti, so the judges picked its performers as the grand champion. Newscasters Ruphil Bañoc and Divine Marcial-Flores appeared as tourists in their presentation.

OTHERS. The actors and actresses of the Kanta Drama as well as Kikoy and Lucing teleseryes were also very happy after being adjudged as second and third placers, respectively. The Kanta Drama stars represented the Philippines. Noel Jumao-as did the choreography with the assistance of Dave Samaco and Dan Sy Lopez. Kikoy and Lucing was led by its main stars Rutchell Borbajo and Jun Villarta. CCTN station manager Malou Inocando-Tabar came in a Japanese kimona. The two of us emceed the event.

SHOW. Believe it or not but three of the world’s famous performers that are now dead will be seen and heard again—live—on the very same stage. Yes, Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra and Perry Como will be performing before our very own eyes today, starting at 4:30 p.m. at the Robinsons Fuente stage. Of course, I’m just referring to the three singers’ local impersonators, namely, Raffy Uytiepo as Presley, Jun Villahermosa as Sinatra and Herbert Buot as Como. The show, “Christmas with Elvisaya and Friends,” is open to the public. Elvisaya means Elvis of the Visayas, a title that Uytiepo richly deserves.

GUESTS. But the three of them have guest performers whose credentials include being winners of various singing competitions here and elsewhere. Amie Filomeno and Edison Monternel a.k.a. Tom Jones of Cebu will surely delight the general public with their singing prowess.

EXCITING. Here in Cebu, after the holidays, we Cebuanos would be very busy preparing for the annual Sinulog Festival. Several activities have been lined up and one of them is the Sinulog Idol singing competition which is becoming very exciting year after year. Come Jan. 6, the seven-night contest opens at the Fuente Osmeña circle. Be sure to watch it every night until Jan. 13, the grand championship date. This will be my eighth consecutive year as emcee of the event. (For comments, text 0932-277-8771)